To protect people’s demand for medical services and prescriptions, “ten questions and ten answers” will help you solve your worries

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Shanghai is still at the peak of its epidemic prevention and control efforts. What should people pay attention to if they feel unwell and need to go to the hospital?With the advance of rolling screening, the closure and control of some communities have been delayed, and some people have begun to worry about the difficulty of “medical treatment” and “drug dispensing”. What should we do?The municipal Health Commission, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and experts in the medical field answered citizens’ doubts about seeking medical treatment during the emergency period.Question 1: Many hospitals have suspended treatment due to epidemic prevention and screening. Where can I find out about the suspension of return visits?A: In order to facilitate the public to seek medical advice, Shanghai publishes “Healthy Shanghai” and the public account of district financial media to collate and publicize the situation of the suspension of major medical institutions on a daily basis for the general public’s reference.In addition, “With the bid” has also launched the “inquiry of the closure of some departments in major hospitals” service.Q2: What should I prepare in advance if I feel unwell and need to go to the hospital during the epidemic?Answer: At present, many medical institutions in this city require patients and their family members to hold negative nucleic acid reports.For some diagnosis and treatment, such as stomatology, breath test, mask removal treatment, outpatient surgery, burn wound clinic, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, etc., negative nucleic acid report must be presented within 48 hours from medical institutions in the city (please note the sampling time).Public friends can pay close attention to the information released by the public account of each medical institution before seeing a doctor.Q3: If the elderly and children at home don’t have cell phones, where can I check the nucleic acid report?A: At present, “With the application” has launched nucleic acid query, nucleic acid test site query function.For the convenience of the public, the function of “nucleic acid search” for the elderly and young has been added to “nucleic acid search” along with the application.You can enter the query page through the “Nucleic acid Query” of the “Suibid” App, “SuiBid” wechat mini program, and “SuiBid” Alipay mini program home page.Click the button of “Nucleic acid Detection for Young and old” to support the query of nucleic acid test results of people under 18 and over 60 years old in Shanghai.Users only need to input “name + ID number” to query the latest nucleic acid test results of the elderly and children.If the entered person is older than 18 years old and younger than 60 years old, the nucleic acid test results cannot be queried. The system will prompt you “age does not meet the requirements, so the query cannot be performed”.You are advised to log in to your account for query.Q4: The “lockdown” period in the community has been prolonged, and the elderly are running out of medicine. How to fill the medicine?Answer: If the elderly have difficulty in dispensing medicine, you are advised to contact your neighborhood committee or community volunteers for consultation.For traffic control inside the village residents generally common medical and health services demand, city WeiJianWei requirements, territorial community health service center belongs to medical institutions such as the active row of touch, targeted to do for high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic diseases, such as the elderly, child and maternal prenatal follow-up services, community health service center of family doctor team completes the docking actively,At the same time, link up superior hospital resources, take the initiative to strengthen management and intervention.For patients with long-term drug needs, we will give them the advantage policy of chronic disease, and make full use of Internet delivery to ensure that they do their best.Q5: What should I do in case of medical emergency at home?A:In the area of medical treatment is really necessary to go out during the traffic control, if is the critical patients, such as tumor radiation and chemotherapy patients, residents can contact street and traffic control area belong to rc, by street, town or village in point-to-point closed loop to arrange special vehicles traffic control area residents to see a doctor, the medical establishment that decide a dot, or contact the relevant medical units,After the diagnosis and treatment, special vehicles will be closed – loop transport back to the original location.If the patient has dialed 120, the community or street should also be notified as soon as possible, so as to communicate the matter of the vehicle entering the containment community. During this period, Shanghai Medical emergency Center will give priority to the treatment of patients with severe diseases according to the people’s phone demands.Each district in Shanghai has designated hospitals for isolated and controlled communities. Municipal hospitals will also provide technical support to designated hospitals, actively respond to consultation needs of designated hospitals, and assign experts for consultation when necessary to ensure residents’ health needs.Q6: What should pregnant women do if they cannot have pregnancy tests when the community is closed?A: Pregnant women with green and yellow risk levels can follow the arrangement of the doctor to extend the interval of labor examination appropriately;Women with orange, red and purple risk levels are still advised to have regular birth checks.If there is any abnormal situation, seek medical attention in a timely manner without delay due to the epidemic: dizziness, headache, blurred vision, palpitation, shortness of breath, elevated blood pressure, vaginal bleeding or fluid flow, abdominal pain (except irregular contractions), etc.Q7: What should I prepare for going to the hospital if I feel unwell during the epidemic?Answer: In case of lockdown, report your pregnancy to the neighborhood committee in case of emergency.The department of obstetrics and gynecology hospital generally has a corresponding group of pregnant mothers. If they encounter an emergency during home quarantine, they can consult a doctor in the group. If they have obstetric problems during lockdown, they can also go to an Internet hospital for online consultation.Q8: What should I do if my child suddenly becomes ill?A: Parents should not be overly anxious and afraid. They should know how to observe closely, take preliminary treatment and pay attention to the situation that requires medical treatment.Children sick with fever symptoms, for good mental condition, accompanied by mild symptoms, no obvious discomfort, temperature is not very high baby, can be temporarily home observation.If the child is younger than 6 months with fever, especially if the child is younger than 3 months, persistent high or ultra-high fever, fever with dehydration and other conditions, seek medical attention immediately.At present, municipal Health Commission has clearly required: emergency, fever clinic, dialysis room, operating room, intensive care unit, maternity room, etc., “not necessary containment”, establish and improve standby regional emergency plan, set up buffer ward and buffer area.In particular, emergency and fever clinics in tertiary general hospitals and children’s specialized hospitals should not be suspended at will. Personal protection and resource allocation should be carried out to ensure that services are not interrupted.Q9: What should I do if I receive stream SMS messages?A: This message indicates that, based on the big data investigation, there may be a risk of direct or indirect contact with novel Coronavirus infection in the near future.It does not mean that you are a close contact or a close contact.Citizens are requested to do the following: First, contact your community, work unit or hotel immediately, inform you of receiving the message in time, and implement nucleic acid testing and other epidemic prevention and control measures in accordance with local requirements, as well as take good personal protection.Second, do a good job of health monitoring. If you have fever, dry cough, stuffy nose, runny nose, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell (taste) sensation and other symptoms, please go to the nearest fever clinic in time. Please take personal protection on the way and avoid taking public transportation.At the same time, if you receive the subsequent call, please actively cooperate and provide real and detailed information to the call personnel.Q10: What if I receive a message saying there is no nucleic acid information?A: According to the Municipal Prevention and Control Office, Shanghai has been conducting nucleic acid screening in key and non-key areas since March 16.At present, there are still a small number of residents who have not participated in the screening, for these residents, the CDC will timely arrange community testing services, please pay attention to the community notice, actively cooperate.Source: Wen Hui Po