Wang Yibo propaganda New Year’s eve change background, “I am a leopard, not a cat”!

2022-06-10 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year, not only are netizens changing into new clothes in real life, but even celebrity studios are redecorating their accounts!Wang Yibo to is no studio, but his propaganda is also in the Spring Festival Gala will be their own account background modified not only changed the panther figure, but also changed the account background!To know, since Wang Yibo participated in “street dance”, with the “Black panther” after the image, Wang Yibo himself is directly the picture fried seven platforms, enough to see his love for the panther, and his propaganda broadcast has always used this picture as a head!The wind In Luoyang was briefly used as the head of Honi Baili, but changed back to Black Panther immediately after the play was broadcast!And this time, the publicity is the black panther is changed into Q version of Wang Yibo wearing a tiger hat, the right hand red envelope, left arm with 85 skateboard image, behind the panther wearing tiger claws gloves, suddenly become cool cute cute!It is worth mentioning that the background of the propaganda blog was changed into a picture of the Chinese New Year atmosphere, “Auspicious tiger year, tiger tiger wind” like a pair of couplets hanging on the background page, always cool panther not only carrying a tiger lantern, but also carrying a red tiger bag, Chinese New Year atmosphere is full!”I am a leopard, not a cat” these seven characters are also directly written on the motorcycle above, can imagine wang Yibo in the end how much care about their leopard identity!In fact, a lot of times, fans will be on the artist “animal plastic”, like fans generally will affectionately call Wang Yibo “pig”, because he is too cute, toot mouth, the milk fat on the face will appear, really is “white clean, a bite ga bang crispy” feeling!However, since “street dance”, Wang Yibo on the “leopard model” of their own road more and more far, not only everywhere said he was “black panther”, even their own propaganda bo’s profile picture, background are it, trying to “brainwash” fans, but no success!On the occasion of the New Year, the promotion of bo replaced the original head and background, with a very New Year’s day characteristics of the picture, but there is still the existence of the panther, it seems that Wang Yibo is extremely want to leave the image of the panther!But don’t know whether yi-bo wang made a mistake, fans can never would, after all, “cat” this image in his body, but the fans call themselves “the cat head elder sister”, the significance of the “motorcycle sister” yi-bo wang, “I am a leopard, not a cat,” this is he misunderstood, thought “cat” is called him?Even so, fans are still smiling and nodding, saying that they know, after all, who spoil the child, let alone the New Year, children want to emphasize that they are a “leopard”, who will refute him?Yi-bo wang all people celebrate New Year’s together, still stick to the cast, training hard, strive for the performance of the king of the sky, even if is the Spring Festival gala in henan, is recorded, even if is the hometown of programs, but can’t go home, young, away from home is his home during Chinese New Year this year a recent one, but still do not have to!He’s already a poor little guy who insists he’s a leopard, not a cat, so why wouldn’t fans agree?Is a will bared teeth, but cute love of the little leopard ah!# Wang Yibo #