Will liXian Vocational School recruit former students, transfer students in 2022

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Will the LiXian Vocational School of Science and Technology recruit former students, transfer students and transfer students in 2022 School Nature: Private type: Ordinary Secondary Vocational School Enrollment Code: 072307 Sponsor: Fu Xianming Foundation Time: 1996-03-01 Number of Students: 309Hunan Li County river road no. 10 Li County five-year college secondary vocational school in hunan province science and technology transfer, admissions consulting the 151-1613-3713 (the same as in micro letter | | |) basic conditions:Total number of full-time teachers Number of professional teachers Number of “double qualified teachers” Number of teachers with bachelor’s degree or above Number of teachers with graduate degree or master’s degree 33, 27 teachers 15The data of the school’s floor area, building area and number of full-time teachers come from the main honors and features of the school of the Municipal and prefectural Education (Sports) Bureau:Main honor for nearly five years Schools have obtained the optimal | show “, keep the contract heavy credit unit, run by the local education work advanced unit, employment and skill training work advanced unit and other honorary titles.1, The school was founded in 1996, covers an area of 13 mu, modern teaching facilities complete, strong faculty, employment-oriented education policy.School successively with a number of national top 500 enterprises, college-business cooperation education group, of ordering the talent training and employment of 100 | %.2, flexible mode of school education, adopt corresponding education service and employment service system for students to provide insurance | selection, employment route at the same time students can also enjoy continuing education opportunities, may enroll in the school grade three adult test, the family | Open University part-time degree diploma.3. Our school has been running our school for 20 years, and there has never been a major safety accident. This reflects the scientific management level of our school.The school plans to enroll 175 students in 2021.In 2021, local (Changde) sub-major enrollment plan No. Enrollment Professional length of schooling Enrollment target Talent training program Core course charging standard (YUAN/year) Planned enrollment Number Remarks 1 Mechanical processing technology 3 years graduating junior high school 3450 yuan 45 people 2 Business Japanese 3 years graduating junior high school3450 yuan 50 people 3 computer application 3 years graduating junior high school 3870 yuan 80 people altogether 175 students Enrollment requirements: graduating junior high school graduates, physical and mental health, no infectious diseases, regular appearance without tattoos and hair dye.The five-year junior college and technical secondary school of hunan, spring transfer admissions consulting the 151-1613-2939 (the same as in micro letter | | |)