A novel coronavirus asymptomatic case has been reported in Wuxi

2022-06-11 0 By

According to the official wechat account of Wuxi Post, on the morning of March 16, a nucleic acid test was carried out on a control staff at a centralized quarantine site in Wuxi city, and a man (the son of an asymptomatic patient notified no. 81) was found to be positive.On the afternoon of 16th, after the city CDC reconfirmed positive, the patient was transferred to the city designated hospital for diagnosis and treatment.On the evening of September 16, a municipal expert group confirmed the novel Coronavirus asymptomatic infection.Upon receiving the report, the municipal and district levels promptly carried out epidemic tracing, nucleic acid sampling, isolation and control, and strictly implemented epidemic prevention measures such as disinfection of relevant sites and the environment.The asymptomatic infected person was quarantined on March 15 and his first nucleic acid test was negative on that day.The 97 people in close contact (previously asymptomatic infected persons) had been quarantined in the early stage, and nucleic acid tests were negative twice on March 15 and 16.As of 22 o ‘clock on March 16, 164 people had been screened and quarantined, and nucleic acid tests were negative on March 16.Forty-seven samples of relevant site items and environment have been collected, all of which were negative for nucleic acid tests.A total of 16,000 square meters of environmental destruction have been completed.At present, the asymptomatic infected person has no obvious discomfort and is being cared for by special personnel in a designated hospital in the city.During the epidemic, citizens should fulfill their personal responsibility and report to their communities or work units as soon as possible if there is any overlap between the trajectory of asymptomatic infected persons and the announced trajectory of asymptomatic infected persons.We should continue to raise awareness of the epidemic, take daily precautions such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, ventilation, standard disinfection and social distancing, and actively cooperate with the implementation of all epidemic prevention and control measures.Those who violate the epidemic prevention and control regulations will be held accountable in accordance with the law.The attached:Main tracks 8:45-9:05, March 13, Lao Shu Noodle Restaurant, Xuexue Road, Xishan District 9:13-9:20, Xin Ting Road, Xin Ting Road, Xin Ting Road, Xin Ting Road, Xin Ting Road, Xin Ting Road, No. 18-6 Lao Jie Road, 9:20-11:20, Dongting Street, No. 58-18 Huajun Jiayuan, Xin Wu District, 13:17-17:00, Jiulihe Park, 17:00March 14 7:50-8:29 Dongting Experimental Primary School, Xishan District 9:00-9:30 Sampling point, Dongting Street 9:35-9:49 Dongting Old Street 10:15-16:00 No. 105, Jiwan, Binhu District 16:00 Home And not going out March 15 8:45-8:50 Dongting Police Station 8:50-9:30 CloudJiawan 105, Binhu District, 10:00 Lin Street, was then transferred to the centralized isolation point in a closed loop