European foreign aid official announced to leave CSL!Shandong Taishan team probability loss, Tianjin Tianjin tiger pity

2022-06-11 0 By

Beijing time on February 13th, the media update the news of the Chinese super league team shandong taishan 2022 season, according to domestic media reports, the over foreign aid has already been signed and European club, the 2022 season will not return to the Chinese super league, this maybe it’s a bad deal for shandong hristo, ‌ for tianjin guinness tiger is a little bad.Chinese media have reported that the Chinese Football Association (CFA) intends to start the 2022 Chinese Super League (CSL) season in mid-April, and many clubs, such as Wuhan Sanzhen and Chengdu Rongcheng, are now looking for foreign aid.Shandong Taishan team, the team is optimized, it is understood that foreign aid Kadar and Shandong Taishan team has reached an agreement to sign a Hungarian team New Pace.Kadar was originally contracted to taishan until 2023 and neither side revealed whether a transfer fee would be involved.Kardar, 31, joined Taishan in 2020 for €4m and was loaned out by Tianjin Tianjin tigers for €840,000, helping them avoid relegation.As can be seen from the domestic media reports, Kadar’s experience in the Chinese Super League is not only very short, but also a lot of twists and turns. Although the media did not reveal more details, Shandong Taishan chose to terminate his contract with him, perhaps a little loss, and Kadar’s departure is a big loss for Tianjin Tigers.Familiar with Chinese super fans all know, the Chinese super league clubs with the attitude of the players is very serious, and attitude toward foreign aid and foreign teacher is very gentle, such as dalian foreign teacher when benitez left, not only allow him to premature termination, without compensation, but also a discussion send, so total leave,It is estimated that shandong Taishan team club is not to transfer fee, which is a bit of a loss, after all, is 4 million euro introduction, have not how to use.It is a pity for Tianjin Tigers that they could not continue the loan of Qatar. Now they are seriously short of money, it is impossible to buy Qatar completely, so they have to go on loan. Unfortunately, Qatar left, and now FIFA has imposed a transfer ban on Tianjin Tigers.