Excellence Group won the title of “Responsible Enterprise in China real Estate Industry 2021”

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Recently, the 13th China Real Estate Forum & China Real Estate Red List, sponsored by China Internet News Center, China.org.cn real Estate, was held in Beijing.At the real estate industry event, organizers released the 2021 China Real estate Annual Red List, with a number of real estate companies on the list.Among them, Excellence Group was awarded the “Responsible Enterprise in China real Estate Industry 2021” for its outstanding performance in social responsibility.In 2021, the entire real estate industry is looking for certainty amid uncertainty.Despite the vagaries of the industry, Excellence Group still adheres to the development path of the real estate industry under the new situation, especially in its social responsibility has shown great influence.Official information shows that since its establishment in 1996, Excellence Group has always cherished the vision of becoming an enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility. Through group coordination and employee participation, it has formed a public welfare atmosphere within the enterprise and deeply participated in public welfare undertakings.Its public welfare category related to ecological protection, poverty alleviation, education, medical treatment, industry and aid after disasters, many aspects, such as accumulative total charitable donations of $625 million, accumulative total donation of 402 projects, public welfare footprint covered in xinjiang, Tibet, gansu, jiangxi, sichuan, chongqing, guangdong, guangxi, hubei, shaanxi and other provinces of the poor areas and disaster areas.As a representative enterprise emerging from shenzhen’s reform and opening up, Joo has always remembered its mission of localization and grown with Shenzhen hand in hand.Since the red Campaign was launched in 2011 and continued to assist, Excellence Group has been carrying out the concept of “Come to Shenzhen, be a volunteer when you come” for 11 years, and has played a responsible role as a citizen.At the same time, in the face of repeated outbreaks, Excellence Group shouldered its duty as a social citizen and made its contribution to the fight against the epidemic in Shenzhen.According to the public information, since 2021, based on the background of the normalization of epidemic prevention, Joo Group has closely followed the national epidemic prevention policy and adopted strict security and protection measures for residential communities, transport management buildings and hotels, effectively ensuring the healthy operation of life and production of owners and partners.In addition, 180,000 masks were donated to the Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce in Kashgar to support local epidemic prevention efforts.It is worth mentioning that Joo responded immediately after the outbreak of the epidemic in Shenzhen on January 7, 2022. On January 13, joo organized its staff to go to Fumin Community to provide volunteer services and cooperate with the staff of the street Office to maintain order inside and outside the site.The Dankeng Project of Chenggeng Group responded to the call of the community by donating masks, disinfectants, bottled water, milk and other anti-epidemic materials to henglang and Shangfen communities in Dalang Street, Longhua, and visiting the community anti-epidemic teams.The public welfare of Excellence Group is not only limited to shenzhen, but also focuses on more areas and regions in need of help.Since last year, Excellence Group has made outstanding contributions to rescue and disaster relief as well as regional assistance.In terms of rescue and disaster relief, in July 2021, Zhengzhou, Henan and other places suffered from extremely rare and sustained heavy rainfall. After receiving the news, Excellent commercial enterprise service actively organized flood rescue and dredging work of various projects to effectively ensure the safety of life, health and property of owners.After the disaster, to support the reconstruction, Excellence also donated 1 million yuan to xinxiang Charity Federation.With the courage and responsibility to run in the front line, excellence and the people of the whole country to overcome difficulties, to build a solid and powerful shield wall for the lights.In terms of regional assistance, in response to the national call of “common prosperity” and the mission of The Times, Excellence Group will effectively promote various actions of “rural revitalization” in 2021.For example, in Ta County, Xinjiang, the “Excellence Heart · Xinjiang Aixing” series of fixed-point assistance plan was continued. Based on the field investigation and research on the poverty alleviation results of the previous three years, bandil Township of Ta County was focused on helping the local establishment and improvement of the production and sales chain of snow ju and sea buckthorn, and through medical assistance, cultural construction, live broadcasting and delivery of goods, etc.,Efforts should be made to effectively link the achievements of poverty alleviation with rural revitalization, and explore an innovative poverty alleviation model featuring “precision and long-term”.For example, in Xunwu Old Revolutionary base area, Jiangxi province, Juo Group has continuously implemented and continued to follow up the “Internet + Education” public welfare assistance project — Juo Magic Live Broadcast Studio, which was established in the previous year, and has continuously brought high-quality teaching methods and resources to Xunwu.Up to now, 272 classes have been recorded in the live broadcast studio, the average viewing volume of primary school courses is 14,000, and the average viewing volume of extracurricular reading courses is 1,182, to implement the concept of equal rights in education.In addition, Excellence Group has demonstrated its responsibility and responsibility as a real estate enterprise in a series of activities such as environmental protection, education and poverty alleviation. It is also worthy to be awarded the “Responsible Enterprise in China real Estate Industry 2021”.