Pig prices on the rise?Qingming Festival pig prices after all can rise?Latest Market analysis

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Check pig price, see market!Pig people hello, I am the pig god of wealth!As April is approaching, the market situation of the national pig price can be said to have ushered in a significant positive.Buoyed by consumption, slaughterers have stepped up their purchases of grass-root pigs.Now because of the low price of pigs, many farmers have begun to choose to wait and see, we also have great expectations for the tomb-sweeping Day consumption.According to the latest price adjustment of pig slaughterers, pig prices in north and South China have staged a new round of favorable price increases, especially pig prices in east China, central China and southwest China, the main pig sales areas, almost all rose, and the trend of pig prices in North China is particularly significant.According to the current pig price rise adjustment situation, the basic pig price rise range maintained at 0.10~0.20 yuan per catty.At the same time as pig prices ushered in a positive change, some breeding groups have started new investment plans.For example, during the recent investigation of the organization, Tang Renshen has clearly stated that in 2022 to 2024, the target of tang Renshen Group’s pig market will be set at 2 million, 3.5 million and 5 million respectively.And the long-term development target will be more than 10 million pigs.Through this kind of information is also releasing some strong signals for us.Under the influence of the steady expansion of pig consumption demand, pig prices in the north and south will naturally show a series of positive trends.Because some pig groups are forward-looking investment operation, has pointed out the direction for us, so now the most critical problem for farmers is to wait until the price rises in that moment.So in 2022, when will the grass-roots pig market be able to pick up completely?In terms of breeding sow selection?Pig god of wealth believes that after 12 months of breeding sow continuous elimination, in July this year, the grass-root pig market is likely to fall.Pig prices will also start a steady recovery cycle due to supply and demand, so farmers are likely to continue to face a series of market challenges in the next two to three months.But the real big challenge is coming to an end, and I hope farmers can be more optimistic about the future market!As the cost of raising live pigs continues to rise, farmers should ensure the stability of cash flow of raising live pigs at the grass-roots level on the one hand, and also pay attention to adjusting the pace of marketing live pigs on the other hand.Pig god of wealth believes that in the future for a period of time, domestic pig prices will become the mainstream, at least before the Arrival of qingming Festival, grass-roots pig prices will continue to show positive changes.Let’s take a look at the latest pig quotation on March 31. Shanghai 6.3-6.6 shandong 6.0-6.5 anhui 6.2-6.6 Zhejiang 6.3-6.8 Jiangsu 6.2-6.8 Fujian 6.4-6.6 Jiangxi 6.2-6.3 Hubei 6.0-6.3 Henan 6.0-6.5Hunan rose 6.2-6.5, Guangdong 6.0-6.5, Guangxi 6.0-6.6, Hainan 8.0-8.7, Beijing 6.0-6.3, Shanxi 5.9-6.1, Hebei 5.9-6.3, Heilongjiang 5.4-5.7, Jilin 5.7-5.9Liaoning 5.7-6.0, Shaanxi 5.9-6.2, Gansu 5.4-5.9, Chongqing 6.2-6.4, Sichuan 6.2-6.5, Yunnan 5.6-5.9, Guizhou 6.1-6.3