The champion coach was fired and punished TheShy, Nugui, Faker, Deft

2022-06-11 0 By

A few days ago, it was announced that Kim Jeong-soo, the supervisor of THE DRX team in the LCK division, was removed from the team and the coach of the team was temporarily appointed as the supervisor.Kim Jung-soo is a former champion coach who has coached various teams including IG, DWG, T1 and DRX, and won the world championship while working for IG.And one of his coaching characteristics is that he likes to attack the team’s star players, by punishing them to confirm his authority and status.In the elimination game of S8, IG fought against KT. In the third game, When Theshy’s sword ji almost tore down the opposite base and swept the opponent, he replaced Theshy, and after losing in the fourth game, he still wanted to use Duke. Finally, because of the boss Wsc and the management Sxl insisted on using Theshy, who was in hot state.Fortunately IG people’s attitude is good, otherwise it is very discouraged.Also thanks to the management’s insistence, otherwise the result is really hard to say.At that time, everyone thought it was Theshy’s problem and he was stubborn.Then when HE was teaching Dwg, he started to punish Nuguri. You might think that it was the problem with the order. He was introverted and stubborn, and the coach was probably right.And then he went to T1, and he rotated Faker, and he put Faker on the bench, and the spring started off really well, and he didn’t make the playoffs, and T1 released him early, and T1 ended up getting better.When he moved to DRX, he started to rotate star players against Deft, but Deft was the absolute core of the team, and Coach Kim Jeong-soo was fired.From his coaching experience, he likes to team’s star player to establish his own authority, but it is clear that he failed in the practice, he has been in force, and they all left the team is in the form of less glorious, former champion coach fell to the point where, have to say, it is related to his own.