Tourists in Jiangmen busy clocking in Internet celebrity year

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On the second day of the lunar New Year, misty rain continues.Although the weather is general, but to kaiping city Tangkou town old market granary square is still an endless stream of tourists.”This Angle is better”, tourists holding umbrellas to take photos in the rain, the granary square in the misty rain showed a different charm.The restaurants and coffee shops around are also very busy, with tourists sitting around chatting and shop assistants running back and forth.”It’s a perfect combination of overseas Chinese culture and trendy elements that appeal to young people, and it’s also driving the rural economy.”Zheng Wenxuan, a tourist, told reporters that he and his friends came from Enping to check in the “Internet celebrity” spots in Tangkou town during the Spring Festival. He was quite satisfied with the rural tour.On the same day, Zheng wenxuan and his friends first went to the ancestral home village of Qiangya Village, “clocked in” the “Internet Celebrity” tourist toilet, then went back and forth to tangkou old market, had a cup of coffee at the “Zhizan” b&B, and went to the “Tangkou Space” international youth hostel for photo experience…Step by step, appreciate the architecture of overseas Chinese, feel the lively atmosphere of rural Spring Festival in the “Internet celebrity” scenic spot.”The young generation should learn more about the culture of the hometown of overseas Chinese. Besides reading books or watching TV, it is also a good way to experience it on the spot.”Zheng wenxuan said.Tourists take photos and “punch in” at tong Kou Old Market.The reporter saw that granary square also has an interesting clock-in place — 3D wall painting, visitors will almost stop to take pictures in front of the wall painting.Western architectural elements, such as colonnades, arches and mountain flowers, are combined with traditional lingnan architectural decorations such as grey carvings and brick carvings. 3D three-dimensional wall painting creates an art world combining Chinese and Western cultures, allowing visitors to appreciate the symbiosis of Western civilization and rural traditions in the three-dimensional effect.Entering “Tangkou Space” international youth Hostel, the restaurant area is popular.”Our colorful cakes are made with our own colorful leaves, which are completely natural and cannot be eaten elsewhere.”The staff is enthusiastically explaining the specials and showing off the colorful leaves and citronella that have been carefully planted as raw ingredients.”Every time I come, I find something new.”Kaiping citizens Pan Yongpeng told reporters that he will work in the new, almost every holiday will come to the township of the new “net red” attractions walk.Reporters visit found that many young people are more keen to explore the fun of eating and drinking in the countryside.It is understood that during the Spring Festival, tangkou Old Market also organized a free “script killing” activity, which attracted many young people to experience the field, and participants who completed the task will receive exquisite gifts.”It is my first time to play this kind of live action script killing.”Liang Yingjun, a tourist, expressed her feelings about participating in the free “drama killing” activity in Tangkou Old Market on wechat moments: “This Spring Festival, I experienced the unique charm of the hometown of Overseas Chinese at the ‘Internet celebrity’ scenic spot.”Yesterday was the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, more and more citizens from eating dinner, relatives together to go out of the house, taste and enjoy the feast of cultural travel.As one of the most famous eco-tourism attractions in Singapore, Bird Paradise National Wetland Park has put on a new look to welcome visitors during the New Year.The festive tangerines at the gate and the colorful potted plants everywhere attract visitors to stop and take photos with family and friends to “clock in” and feel the strong flavor of the New Year.Flowers are in full bloom at The Bird Paradise National Wetland Park in Gesang.According to the staff of the scenic spot, since the beginning of the New Year, the average number of visitors to the Bird Paradise National Wetland Park has been about 700, “from today, the weather has improved, the number of visitors is expected to increase.”In addition, the reporter noted that in order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the scenic spot layer upon layer of checks, strict prevention and control, in the parking lot, ticket office, ticket inspection office set up a total of three epidemic prevention and control checkpoints, requiring tourists to wear masks, take their temperatures and show the Yuekang code and travel cards, to create a safe and comfortable environment for tourists to visit.At the boarding place, the reporter met Mr. Wang, who drove from Guangzhou and took photos with his family.”Bird Paradise is very famous, so I always wanted to visit it.Now, taking advantage of the New Year holiday, I bring my family here to enjoy the birds and scenery. The beautiful environment and fresh air here are very suitable for the elderly and children to play.”Mr. Wang said.We have learned, in order to better realize the ecological protection and restoration, improving visitors to experience, the bird paradise national wetland park has gradually built up the wetland conservation, restoration and reconstruction, education environment, reasonable use area, management services, and other functional areas, visitors can visit scenic spots while learning related knowledge of migratory birds, plants.Enping new “three pavilion” appearance level high connotation popular “come, one, two, three, eggplant.”During the Spring Festival, the newly completed “three museums” (library, museum and Aviation Science Museum) in Enping became a popular “Internet celebrity card”, attracting many citizens to take photos and visit.The new “three pavilions” are located next to the east entrance of aofeng Mountain Forest Park, a provincial forest park.”The new ‘Three Pavilions’ have high appearance and connotation. I call it the most beautiful building in Enping.”Yesterday afternoon, taking advantage of the fine weather, wu Jinlian brought his wife, children and parents over 70 years old to the new “three museum” clock.”My parents were so excited when they saw the new pavilion, they said it was’ magnificent ‘.”Wu jinlian said.Enping’s new “three pavilions” are popular.The “Red Enping” exhibition hall on the first floor of the New Enping Museum has been open for trial from the first day of the Lunar New Year. Visitors can enter the museum for free by showing their Yuekang code (green code) and itinerary card (green code).Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, no more than 50 people are allowed to be present in the exhibition hall at the same time. Although visitors need to enter the exhibition hall in batches, they still wait patiently and enter the exhibition hall orderly according to the guidance of the on-site staff.The “Red Enping” exhibition hall displays the history of the Red Revolution in Enping, including the heroic deeds of the revolutionary pioneers and famous battles that took place in Enping, as well as items such as pistols used by the soldiers.These are the heroes of the country and the nation who died honorably defending the country and protecting the people.”In the exhibition hall, luo Qijun, a citizen, acted as a “narrator” for her 9-year-old daughter.Luo Qijun and her husband and daughter live in Guangzhou for a long time. This time she came back to Enping for the New Year and couldn’t wait to bring her daughter to visit the new “three pavilions” in Enping.”Enping has a new museum and library, as well as an aviation science museum. I think this is a huge step forward and we are very happy.”Luo qijun said.Source: Jiangmen Daily Read by Yu Fanghua