“Yunfan sixth anniversary special” Gao Chaoxian wishes yunfan

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February 8, 2022 is the sixth birthday of yunfan Poetry Club’s new media platform.Since the establishment of the platform for six years, Yunfan always adhere to the temperature and height, adhere to temperament and character, adhere to stand together with a group of poetic friends through thick and thin.Here, poets at home and abroad write contemporary, record life, pick up the four seasons streamers, leaving true feelings like this.Here is the spiritual home of poets, poetry booth, friendship bridge, unique ferryboat, gas station and school. In the past six years, too many poetry lovers have come here to enter the house, and too many poets have gone to the country and gained fame from here.Here, there are too many stories enough to be engraved into the annals of contemporary poetry, too many beautiful enough to be remembered for a lifetime, too many moving words waiting for us to resort to ink.In full in this new platform introduced the sixth anniversary celebration of special planning section – “the thin, I walked with full days, full warmly welcome all friends picked up in the hands of the pen, from different angles, different horizons, counting predestination, you in full and share your acquainted with his friends extensively in full through the platform,Full review why in many poems platform you choose to record your eyes in full the pace of growth, is also in full growth traces, looking for you oneself once the shadow, in words summary you these six years of growth and harvest, more please hoist the platform for the future of the promotions shift and sustainable development, and leave valuable opinions or Suggestions.2022, we continue to go hand in hand to mark the New Year with poetry!Gao Chaoxian, a native of Jiangxi Province, is an old man in his 70s. He is used to writing poetry for fun and taking theoretical research as an interest.Come across interest, sometimes also with prose, stories, fables and so on amused time.February 8, 2022 is the sixth anniversary of the establishment of the new media platform of “Yunfan Poetry Club”.Six years ago on this day, a sail to promote the art of classical poetry was launched in China’s Internet space, which is called “Yunfan Poetry Club”.When yunfan Poetry Club was founded, even the founder Cao Chuyang did not expect that “Yunfan” would be so brilliant today.Cao Chu Yang at that time, only with his own dream, asked on side a few familiar with young people, will be a small group of poetry, among the numerous organizations, networks, paper poetry torrent of institutions and poetry journals, only a year or two, “full” friends gathered in poetry products such as resplendent stars, a few years later, they have set up their own work base,And with social forces, the establishment of a number of branches, poetry friends and fans have spread throughout the country and the world more than 60 countries and regions.Today, “Yunfan” has become the “poetry home” of numerous poets, including contemporary poetry masters, poetry theorists, university professors, and authoritative poetry publications. It has become a highly influential poetry platform in contemporary China and the epitome of the development of contemporary poetry.This is not only a creation, but also an unprecedented miracle!In the 1980 s, due to the Chinese confidence and the charm of traditional culture, Chinese poetry contribute, in a very short period of time, from the national level, the provincial, city and county, and village level, organizations have sprung up all kinds of poetry, poetry team of ten million people, one thousand years only a poet of hobbies and interests of poetry art,Start to or become a job, a career, showing a school can be comparable with the tide of economic development magnificent scene.Over the past decades, however, poetry or poetry, also only show the original personal hobbies and interests, the contemporary poetry is difficult to move into the modern history of literature, it is hard to like other cultural and art become a kind of work, government departments issued a garden also is a few more possession, but instead gives some booksellers to author’s pocket money opportunity to get rich.In a word, Chinese poetry did not get its due social status and play a role in the new era, what a huge cultural resources and social power has been wasted.It was against such a social and historical background that Yunfan appeared, attracting thousands of study rooms and entering the hearts of thousands of poetic friends with an incomparable affinity.In Yunfan, no matter ordinary poets or celebrities, they can publish their poems as long as they are well written without asking for favors or spending any money.Only this, for ordinary poetry lovers, even if a poem is selected by Yunfan, it will bring celebration and joy to their family and friends, thus strengthening their confidence to stick to it.In “Yunfan”, poets can also see experts’ comments and lectures on poetry from time to time, and can learn the knowledge of poetry creation for free.For accomplished poets, Yunfan can also help them promote their works, as well as help them contact for publication and book sales.For many years, the “full” is to “friends,” the affinity and the unity cooperation spirit, let too many poets chose the “full”, let too much poetry lover from here and become more proficient in the path of the poem, here really has too many poets and poetry story, represent the contemporary history of the growth of the year by year.In the face of all this, people can not help but ask, “Yunfan” why can do so?There is only one answer, that is yunfan people love poetry and abandon the concept of money and power for poetry selfless dedication.”Yun fan” founder Cao Chu Yang was born in a scholarly family, he loves poetry, poetry is not false, but he also with ordinary people to live, to support the family, he has his own career needs to operate, but he is “Yun fan” plan day and night, for the organization of “Yun fan” activities to run around, he is willing to pay all from himself for poetry;There are also editors and creators like lu Yushi, the executive editor, who, day after day, year after year, are so busy with the collection, selection, arrangement and delivery of their works that they are unable to take care of the normal life of themselves and their families, but without any remuneration.There are also many poetry experts who participate in the editing of “Yunfan” and provide comments from time to time, such as Xiong Dongao, Yang Yiming, Xing Han, Zhong Zhenzhen and other famous contemporary poets. They personally visit various pen clubs, collect the wind, give lectures and comment on “Yunfan”, and also do the work of “making wedding clothes for others”.For all this, we can say that they are not a group of people willing to carry forward the traditional culture of selfless dedication?”Yunfan” has achieved a generation of poets, a generation of poetic style, but also created a power, that is, “yunfan spirit”!My hometown, Hukou County, is only one poyang Lake apart from Xingzi County (now Lushan City), the hometown of cao Chuyang, the founder of “Yunfan”. I had heard the name of “Yunfan” a few years ago, but at that time I only thought it was a young people’s poem group like other guangduo network groups, and I, an old man of seventy, did not need to get involved.At the end of 2020, in hubei xiangyang meng haoran cup pastoral BBS meeting, for the first time I saw Cao Chu Yang, he is a face lift up, young man, don’t cry a few words of simple communication, we became forget the stock exchange, only a year, I made a lot of poems in the “full” and more than 10 poetry review poetry article, some of them have unhealthy tendencies and challenge authority,Many formal publications dare not adopt it, but “Yunfan” is published without regard, showing that “yunfan” is a platform for seeking truth from facts, is a comprehensive “poetry club”.Yunfan Poetry club is deeply loved by poets, but it must have the care and maintenance of the majority of poets, and the joint efforts of the majority of poets, including feedback social influence and putting forward work suggestions.Centering on yunfan’s platform tenet of “sticking to temperature and height, temperament and character, sticking to stand together through thick and thin with a group of poetic friends”, Lao Fu sincerely hopes that in the future, yunfan will not only reflect “temperature”, but also create great achievements in “height”.Poetry of contemporary poetry, for example, the lack of proper, also does not have the old kind of enlightenment, and strictly more compete without the imperial examination, the author still don’t know what is poetry, so that every time I think “poem is good”, said “more” please, not change a word, how to strictly, somehow improve the cognitive level of the poetry art in general, this is a “high”;For another example, contemporary poetry lacks theory, let alone criticism. As everyone knows, theory is the foundation of practice, while criticism is the driving force of development. To do a good job in this aspect is a “height”.At the beginning of the New Year, some hope, it is a little wish of the old man.We are doing something that has never been done before. We are going down a road that has never been done before.There is no road in the earth, but when more people walk, it becomes a road.”Yunfan” road, in the world, in the clouds, but also in the hearts of thousands of poets, there are many people walking!”There will be times when the wind and waves will break, and the clouds and sails will sail the sea.”Bless you, Yunfan!2022.1.29