15 Yuanxiao when the moon is full, let us follow the sweet taste of Jilin friends recorded together

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The Lantern Festival lights, a bowl of dumplings auspicious qi surplus, a symbol of a happy reunion to eat dumplings, sweet taste filled with all the senses, sweet and intimate.Today, is the Lantern Festival, the first month is the lunar January, the ancients called night “xiao”.Therefore, the first full moon night of the year is called “Lantern Festival”.Next, let’s take a look at how friends in Jilin province spend the Lantern Festival.V: Tonight, the Lantern Festival, the south Lake tourists mountain sea, the location of the lantern “phoenix sunrise” crowded, the Lantern Festival tradition to see a hundred steps, people are really the occasion, not afraid of the cold, to the festival ceremony sense.Changchun Li You@ jing Hao 1:Today is the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, during this holiday season, the family ate dinner, come to changchun park watching lanterns, thronged to see the park without the door, particularly busy, night falls under lanterns colorful, yi yi is unripe brightness, as if into the fairy tale world, this is a beautiful park in changchun, on the occasion of the arrival of the holiday season,Happy Lantern Festival to all editors and friends in two or three li li!I eat tangyuan with my family on The Lantern Festival. When night falls, I go outside to watch a grand fireworks show.May our life be as colorful as fireworks!Double Yang inside the friend @ say common people side matter: today 15, I also point a heart lamp!Light up the road of heaven, so that heaven’s mom and dad are not cold!Dear ones in heaven!May the people I care about the most be well in heaven!
Dehui Liyou @Dehui _C A Lian: Fireworks.Eat yuanxiao. The most important thing is to have fun with your family.Happy. Round and round together had a meaningful Lantern Festival.Liaoyuan liyou@ growth in Liaoyuan: February 15, the Lantern Festival, at seven o ‘clock in the evening, Liaoyuan City Municipal Party committee square people mountain sea, lanterns lanterns, lion Yangko dance, fireworks, mobile phone patted pat, circle of friends in the sun……Lively festival, joy and peace, peace and prosperity.
Liaoyuan liyou@ sunshine in the bamboo forest: today is the Lantern Festival, the night of 15 is particularly beautiful, jade like the moon hung high in the sky, colorful fireworks to the night sky decorated more beautiful, like the moon of 15, 15 night sky.Matsuhara Riyou @ from the heart 1: light a lantern, I take you to fly, with you to see the bustling world with you to see the sunset.
Matsuhara Riyou @ cool breeze: The fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival!Today is the fifteenth day of the first month, after dinner day just black, the village over the fireworks, someone began to spread lights, eat yuanxiao, boiled tangyuan, round and round over the festival, the fire, fireworks, this year’s day over the more prosperous!Tonghua Liyou@Jincher: The fireworks at The Red Flag Bridge in Tonghua city started at 7 o ‘clock and it has been on for half an hour. It is so beautiful. It is the first time to see such a beautiful fireworks.Today, on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, almost every family eats tangyuan. When I see some handmade tangyuan on the Internet, some are stuffed with meat, some are wrapped in chocolate, and some are made in the way of rolling around, I feel that they are all delicious!He did not go to do, went downstairs to buy a bag of black sesame stuffing, boiled to eat, but also outside the candle lamp!Hope to eat this sweet dumplings, the next year will be sweet!(Editing by Wang Ying)