Cengong County People’s Armed Forces Department: to carry out qingming Festival “remember history in memory of martyrs” activities

2022-06-12 0 By

A bunch of flowers, a memory, an action, a heritage.On March 30, the eve of Tomb-sweeping Day, Cengong County people’s Armed Forces department jointly with the veterans Affairs Bureau in the county martyrs cemetery to carry out the theme of “remembering history, remembering the martyrs” memorial activities.The scene of the memorial, drizzle, camouflage shoes into the martyrs cemetery, green pine cuibai reflected the solemn cemetery gate.Party members and cadres, retired soldiers and militia teams were divided into five teams to thoroughly sweep the martyrs’ cemetery and the deeds Hall, re-add the old font of the martyrs’ tomb and wipe the tombstone, and add the first “new clothes” of spring for the martyrs’ cemetery.At the end of the sweep, all party members, cadres, retired soldiers and militia units lined up, with a sad and heavy heart to the martyrs flower basket, all hats off for the martyrs in silence, and in front of the monument to review the oath of party membership.Ding Zuchang, who has been in the Party for more than 10 years, joined the army in 2009, retired and returned to his hometown in 2014, and joined the Cengong County People’s Armed Forces Department in 2015. It has been seven years since then.On the eve of qingming festival, militia teams will be organized to carry out memorial sweeps.”Today’s peaceful and prosperous era was bought by revolutionary martyrs with their blood and lives!We must inherit the martyrs’ will, continue to carry forward the army’s fine style, retired will not fade, retired will not retreat.””He said excitedly.Through the mourning activities and the memory of the great feat of the revolutionary martyrs, more deeply felt the revolutionary ancestors unswerving political faith, the fine style of hard struggle and the brave revolutionary spirit.In future work and life, we will always keep in mind the spirit of the precepts, fulfill our duties and practice our skills diligently, pay tribute to the heroes and martyrs with our brilliant achievements in development, and present a tribute to the 20th CPC National Congress.Correspondent Wang Huishu guo Xiang editor Wu Chun Orange editor Wu Shijun