How to promote pepper early slow seedling, early fruit, high yield, good quality?Sharing planting experience of old farmers

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Pepper originated in Mexico, the late Ming and early Qing pepper through the “Silk Road” into Gansu, Shaanxi and other places, inherent “Qin pepper” known.As a common vegetable and condiment in People’s Daily life, pepper is rich in nutrition and has high edible value and medicinal value.Pepper planting economic benefit is good, widely cultivated in our country.However, many people in the planting of pepper will appear slow seedling, disease, late maturity, low yield, resulting in low economic benefits of planting.So how to promote early slow seedling, early fruit, high yield, good quality pepper?Today, I would like to share with you one of my common pepper planting methods. Under the same planting time, it can bring the pepper to market 10 days earlier and increase the total production of pepper by more than 30%. The effect is very obvious.Today I’m going to share with you the method of growing pepper is “plastic mulch cultivation”, so what are the benefits of plastic mulch cultivation?What color mulch film to choose?How do I do this?Below I will share all the methods to you, very practical!What are the benefits of plastic film covering cultivation of pepper?The suitable temperature for the growth of pepper is 20 ~ 30℃. When planting pepper seedlings, it is necessary to ensure that the average daily temperature is stable at more than 15℃, so as to facilitate the slow seedling of pepper and the seedling is easy to grow new roots.Plastic film mulching can increase soil temperature, keep soil moisture and prevent waterlogging, prevent soil compaction, prevent weeds, improve fertilizer efficiency, improve near-ground microclimate conditions and reduce the harm of pests and diseases.The cultivation of pepper with plastic film can promote early slow seedling, early root, early fruit, and effectively improve the yield and quality of pepper.Tips: if it is a large-scale planting of pepper, we had better dip the roots with “dioxin” before planting the seedlings.There are two advantages to dip in the root with the evil mildew spirit: advantage one: evil mildew spirit can effectively reduce the occurrence of soil transmitted diseases.Oxazobin is a new type of internal fungicide, with environmental protection, low toxicity characteristics, anti-stubble effect is particularly good, the use of environmental safety.Oxazoline can effectively prevent and control bacterial blight, sclerotinia, cataze disease, blight, verticillium wilt, root rot, fusarium wilt, white silk disease, anthrax and other diseases, pepper seedlings before colonization with oxazoline dip root can greatly reduce the occurrence of pepper diseases.Benefit two: be beneficial to root strong seedling.In addition to sterilization and bacteriostasis, oxazoline can also promote the growth and development of plant roots, root and seedling growth (can promote the root “tillering” and root hair growth, root activity will be greatly improved), can greatly improve the survival rate of seedlings after transplantation.Usage: before planting pepper seedlings, we can dip the roots with 30% oxazem wettable powder 800 liquid (diluted 800 times), not only can root strong seedlings, but also can effectively prevent the occurrence of pepper diseases.The film mulch that pepper mulch covers cultivation to choose what color is best?The most commonly used mulching film for pepper cultivation includes colorless transparent film, black film and silver-gray film. Black mulching film has the function of preventing weeds and reducing ground temperature, and is commonly used in summer cultivation.Colorless transparent mulching film has no obvious effect on weed control.The silver-gray mulch film has the effect of preventing weeds, improving soil temperature and repelling aphids, which is the most suitable for pepper cultivation.Note: using plastic film to cultivate pepper is a practical technology of early maturity and high yield, which itself has the characteristics of promoting early maturity of pepper, so we can try to choose early maturity of pepper varieties in the cultivation of pepper, which is conducive to improve our planting benefits.Such as sheep horn red, century pepper king, changfeng and other early maturing varieties.With plastic film to the cultivation of pepper specific operation method: pepper should be used ridge cultivation, ridge height of about 15 cm, ridge surface width of 50 cm, ditch width of 30 cm, ridge made of middle high, low on both sides of the back shape.When planting, double row planting was used on the ridge surface, with a row spacing of 30 ~ 40 cm and a plant spacing of 25 ~ 30 cm, and 1 or 2 plants were planted in each hole. Two rows of holes could be wrong with each other, so as to improve the ventilation and light transmittance of the field.Plastic film cover cultivation is generally first covered with film and then planting, according to the plant row spacing dig planting holes, dig out the soil in the hole after planting seedlings, planting seedlings with soil pressure around the hole membrane can be.Note: the ridge surface should be smooth and fine, and the film should be tightened when laying the film. The gap between the film and the furrow surface should not be left as far as possible, and the soil should be compacting on both sides. If the film is damaged, the soil can be sealed.Fertilization management after pepper transplanting when pepper transplanting to heavy application of basic fertilizer, per mu can be fully decomposed farm fertilizer 3000 ~ 4000 kg, three compound fertilizer 40 kg.10 days after the colonization of pepper, can topdressing urea per mu 5 ~ 7 kg or pouring decomposed dilute dung water, in order to promote seedling growth.After fruit setting of pepper door pepper, the demand of pepper plants for nutrients is gradually increasing. At this time, we can apply asp 20 kg per mu, and spray 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate every 10 days, continuous spraying 3 times, can significantly improve the yield and quality of pepper.Potassium dihydrogen phosphate is a high-efficiency phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer, which can not only promote the expansion of pepper fruit, but also prevent pepper plant from premature aging, which is very beneficial to the high yield of pepper.Special attention: too much pepper fruit will cause the plant to topple. We can use bamboo poles to prevent the plant from toppling.We can be 10 cm away from the root of the plant, horizontally fixed bamboo poles, usually every 30 cm tied, tied two.In conclusion, pepper is a very popular food on our table. In the cultivation of pepper, we can use plastic film covering cultivation, which can promote early maturity and high yield of pepper and effectively improve our planting efficiency.If you want to learn more about planting, welcome to follow!