Local actively increase market supply to ensure that the national market during the Spring Festival sufficient supply

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During the Spring Festival, local actively increase market supply, best-selling production and marketing link.Online shopping and delivery services in many places remain open, and holiday markets are well supplied to enrich residents’ holiday lives.
Monitoring data from the Ministry of Commerce show that commodity supply is sufficient in the national market at present.Beijing formulated a plan to regulate daily necessities reserve during the Spring Festival and The Winter Olympics, and appropriately increased government reserves and supplies of daily necessities such as vegetables and eggs. The total amount of vegetables sold in large wholesale markets such as Xinfadi and Yuegezhuang was kept at around 25,000 tons.Hainan produces 33,000 tons of melons and vegetables every day in winter, supplying nearly 200 large and medium-sized cities across the country.Shouguang sells more than 300 kinds of southern vegetables throughout the country.Fan Libo, manager of vegetable operation management department of Shandong Shouguang Dili Agricultural Products Logistics Park, said: “The variety, quantity and market time of vegetables in the producing area should be implemented and deployed at any time as needed to ensure adequate supply and timely supply during the Spring Festival.To increase reserves and ensure people’s livelihood, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments recently released 2,500 tons of central reserve beef and mutton to Seven provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities including Gansu, Ningxia and Xinjiang.Tianjin, Xi ‘an, Wuhan and other places increased the supply of reserved meat and vegetables;More than 440 discount stores in Fujian and 509 supermarkets in Anhui have launched discount sales.In Guangzhou, Guiyang and other cities, people can buy vegetables, fruits, meat and eggs at an affordable price 15 percent below the retail price.Henan has issued more than 12,000 permits to key distribution enterprises, delivering 1.9 million tons of daily necessities.Xuchang, Henan: The goods are relatively rich, home needs can buy.During the Spring Festival, major wholesale markets in Shanghai were open normally, while more than 1,000 farmers’ markets, chain supermarkets and convenience stores in Nanjing did not close.The Online Chinese New Year Shopping Festival continues to ensure the supply of daily necessities, while e-commerce platforms generally increase the supply of green, smart, health and other upgraded products.