New Year’s day big fish and meat to eat more, this solution greasy appetizer promote digestion, really simple!Try to collect

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New Year’s day big fish big meat eat much, do a small snack solution greasy appetizer promote digestion, really simple!Collect try thick lunar New Year flavor is still in, every day in addition to eating and drinking also do not have too many things to do.In such a few happy days, enjoy the atmosphere of the New Year.During the Chinese New Year, every family has a sumptuous meal, snacks and drinks, such a life whether children or adults will feel indigestion, a little tired.In our dietary life, in fact, the most avoid big fish and meat to eat, but the holiday is always not big fish and meat to join, as if less chicken, duck and fish will let the festival become not rich.Especially during the New Year, a year of hard work, finally the family reunion, that delicious is not to prepare the more the better?Eat too much, appetite is not good, today I will share with you a simple and easy to make snacks, sweet and sour appetizer to promote digestion.My home arrived every year the hawthorn that the season after autumn total meeting stores on one basket, festival ate best, not only can eat directly, still can make it the small snack that children like, healthy and delicious.Materials: hawthorn 2 jin, 400 grams of ice sugar, coconut paste a little.Practice step: the first step: we say hawthorn first, hawthorn calls fruit in the mountains, red in the mountains, red fruit fruit again, the surface is bright red or red, hawthorn can do fruit to eat not only, it is still blindly very good Chinese herbal medicine.Hawthorn place contains nutrient element very rich, have carotene, calcareous, hawthorn acid to wait a moment, hawthorn can prevent and cure cardiovascular disease, reduce serum cholesterol and triglyceride ester, still can soften blood vessel, it is a kind of wonderful fruit.Hawthorn usually eat, but also can play the role of invigorating the spleen appetizer.So hawthorn is also known as “longevity fruit”, we do this small snack today is loved by the children, hurry to collect, especially simple oh.The second step: break hawthorn take out the core and fruit, clean.The third step: the processed hawthorn into a small pot, the fire boil, change to a small fire slowly cook for 10 minutes.Step 4: Melt with brown ice sugar.Yellow ice sugar is rich in nutrition, can fill qi, and stomach runfei, cough and phlegm, much better than white sugar, you can eat rock sugar.The fifth step: boil boiled hawthorn into broken wall machine, stir into thick paste.Step 6: Continue to pour into a non-stick small pot, simmer slowly, stirring to prevent paste.The seventh step: boil to, pick up the shovel can not drop.Step 8: Pour into the crisper to cool. The hawthorn paste will become firm after cooling.Step 9: after cooling into small pieces, ball, with coconut, a coconut hawthorn ball is done, solution greasy appetizer promote digestion, sweet and sour delicious is very simple.It is “longevity fruit” refreshing appetizer down three high, so do sweet and sour digestion, do not know how to eat it is a pity!Peak son words: 1, hawthorn in boiling, not too much water, too much water out of the paste is too thin, boil the time is very time-consuming.2, hawthorn paste boiling process is also very important, boil to the degree of thick, make hawthorn ball is not a.Thank you for reading my food articles, which will be updated every day, including time-saving breakfast, Lunch, pastry, baking, jam, sorbet, dessert, etc. Welcome to visit.Like my various homely food please like ~ share ~ collect ~ concern ~ I wait for you here ~~ original xuefeng er, theft will be investigate!!