Official announcement!The CBA’s biggest foreign player is back on the court against Zhou Qi

2022-06-12 0 By

Zhou left the Chinese basketball Association (CBA) last summer to play in the NBL, where he has seen a lot of old acquaintances. Besides Liu chuanxing, zhou’s teammate Mumford used to play for Fujian’s Men’s basketball team, as well as foreign players like Martin, who used to play for Shenzhen.The Kings of the NBL have signed zhou qi’s former teammate and one of the CBA’s biggest foreign players, Clark, who struggled with Xinjiang last season and is back on the court, according to officials.Clark was the xinjiang men’s basketball big money to introduce foreign aid, because once helped the Warriors won the NBA championship, is also known by the media as one of the CBA big foreign aid.However, his career in Xinjiang men’s basketball team can be said to be twists and turns. At the beginning of joining xinjiang men’s basketball team, he suffered a serious injury with a broken palm, and had to rest for half a year before officially returning. As a result, the CBA was suspended after only a few games, and Clark did not return after the rematch.Last season the xinjiang men’s basketball team unexpectedly choose leave clark, the result is experienced a sorry tale, clark finally was once again return to China, but his performance is very bad, can only get 10.9 PPG, 3-point percentage is only twenty-five percent, literally, clark dismal performance determines the xinjiang men’s basketball team last season’s final grade,It even affected Zhou Qi’s decision to stay or leave.After leaving The Xinjiang men’s basketball team, Clark was not wanted, even some CBA teams are very short of foreign aid, but also rejected Clark, after all, his condition declined too fast.This time he joined the NBL King team, is also a good choice, at least the ball can play, here, he will be with Zhou Qi to become the opponent.