One live-in student was diagnosed, and all 1,144 teachers and students were quarantined

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Staff carry out decontamination at the South Railway Station in Taiyuan, Capital of North China’s Shanxi Province, On February 23.Photo source:Visual Chinese learned, 24 in taiyuan city of xinzhou city new champions confirmed cases of contact, contact staff active detection of the found in 1 case will be positive coronavirus infection, diagnosed as COVID – 19 confirmed cases (light), department of taiyuan sixty no.6 middle school school students, as the resident student, from February 20, 2022 18 when 13 points so far, has been in the school,Did not go out during this period.At present, centralized isolation and control have been implemented on the close contact and secondary contact of the positive infected person, and the school where the positive infected person works has been quarantined and controlled.66 nucleic acid samples were collected from environment and articles, all of which were negative.The teaching building has been completely destroyed.Among them, all 1,144 teachers and students from Taiyuan No. 66 Middle School were put under centralized isolation for medical observation, 103 people who were closely connected and 1041 people who were closely connected were put under centralized isolation for medical observation, and all those who were accompanied by big data were put under 7-day home isolation for medical observation.In response to the epidemic prevention and control of the situation of taiyuan office has been implementing the management of traffic control for 19 places left left left the 19 implement traffic control management activities are respectively: knick-knacks Lucy a bing south lane nuclear QiYuan 9-39 sock shop, KouZhuang road mousse hotel, KouZhuang road, lane Fried noodle, xinglong petrochemical technology road station, west road right old malatang snack bar.Yingze District Chaoyang Street Pudding Hotel, pudding hotel door man noodle restaurant, Qiaodong Street Changliang Hotel, fashion fine haircut, dream space Tang Jiu supermarket;Taiyuan 66 Middle School, Yangqu County No. 1 Middle School;Outpatient hall of Shanxi Coal Central Hospital, Outdoor container nucleic acid testing point of Shanxi Bethune Hospital, Kapu Medical Laboratory of Shanxi Ren ‘an Hospital;Roadside parking lot of Qiaodong Street, parking lot of Middle School affiliated to Shandong University, parking lot of middle School no.27 of Taiyuan City, underground parking lot of Kap Medical Laboratory of Shanxi Renan Hospital.All personnel in the containment area shall be subject to the management measures of “regional closure, staying indoors and providing door-to-door services”, and nucleic acid tests shall be conducted in accordance with relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control.On 22nd, Xinfu District, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province reported a novel coronavirus positive case. The patient, Surnamed Wang, is a person from Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, who had stayed in Taiyuan. The case has now been turned into a confirmed case.23, taiyuan city authorities further flow investigation found that Wang mou concealed in Taiyuan two school track, respectively: 16 o ‘clock on February 20, to Yangqu one, 16 o ‘clock 20 left;Arrive at taiyuan 66th Middle School around 18:00 and leave at 18:10.The reporter from xinzhou Municipal Party propaganda department learned that Wang mou has been xinzhou city public security organs on file for investigation according to law.Source | CCTV news client, shanxi daily editing | hoe