Rebirth of Tang 3: Book 10, chapter 636

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Chapter 636: The Situation!”Now, what’s the matter? How many days have you been back?”Suddenly, tang three convergence smile is asked.Though, this time “near misses” is a full return, but in their eyes, still is not optimistic, from the other party was able to sent them to make two big demon emperor the strong will be able to see that “being killed”, the other is unbearable, that man wants to move “heart”, I’m afraid it won’t be long time for them.”It has been ten days since we came back, except for you, all the others have returned safely, redemptionside has also returned under the leadership of mayor Zhang Haoxuan, and the kerry city branch migration plan has been implemented.For kerry will not be very safe in the future.”Listen to tang three inquiry sound came, the United States childe is also heavy sound back.”Ten days?He must have been unconscious for almost seven days, then, because it took him almost three to get here.”Tang three secretly is in the heart think of, on the surface is nodded and continued: “That’s good, they are all right, I am relieved, right, your father there how to say?What does he think of the snipe?”Beauty childe: “can have what view?The situation is stronger than people, we have no choice but to suffer, originally thought you have been “fallen”, I was also planning to “closed” to launch a shock towards the realm of god, at the same time, father he has been planning to officially announce that I will become the new patriarch of the Peacock clan.”So it is, but isn’t it too soon for you to make an assault on the divine hierarchy?You have only just entered the ninth estate, and by the looks of you, you have not even reached the peak of the ninth estate. Rushing into it will only do harm to your future.”Tang three first nodded, and then sank to say.Close contact, through his body “rhinocolus” brand he can be no obstruction to feel the beauty of the son of the repair for the situation.”This also have no way, that is not think you” dead “?Now that you’re back, THERE’s no need for me to rush to the divine realm, but I have to do it faster, faster, so that in the future we can truly “protect ourselves”!”Beautiful childe jiaochen a way back.”Well, you’re right. It’s really time to hurry, or we don’t have much time left. By the way, can you take me to your father?There’s something I want to say to him, and see what his plans are.”Tang three thought for a moment sink voice said.”You want to see him?What about your identity?Now perhaps no one but me knows who you really are.”The United States childe has a little surprised of return way.She did not think of tang three unexpectedly will put forward such a request to this, Tang three indifferent smile: “Nothing, some things have no need to hide down, and there will be no more” xiu Luo “appeared, because he has been completely” dead “.”I see. If you wait a moment, I’ll ask my father where he is.”Smart as the United States childe suddenly understood the meaning of tang three words, immediately is directly picked up the communicator toward the peacock big demon King Wang Qing dialed the past.(To be continued) Official number: Rebirth of Tang SAN Bar has authorized this article