Sitcom adaptation gives new vitality to domestic classic animation IP

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Adapted from the same name of the classic domestic animation of the live-action sitcom “New Big head son and small head father” the second season has been broadcast in CTV children’s channel, the classic Domestic animation IP with new content and form again active in front of the audience.From the original TV animation, to the new TV version, the film version, the stage play, and now the live action sitcom, there are more and more derivative works of this classic IP. All kinds of innovative adaptation methods continue to extend the classic charm, and also provide practical reference with reference value for the industry.On the premise of retaining the core value of IP, draw lessons from all kinds of art forms, observe the current social reality, stimulate new communication vitality, and become an effective path for the continuous output of the value of classic Domestic animation.”Big Head Son” and “Small Head Father”, two classic animated characters, were born in the 1990s and are unforgettable childhood memories for many people.In 2018, Yingda, a well-known Chinese sitcom director, made the first humanized adaptation of the animated work, launching the first season of the sitcom New Big Head Son and Small Head Father.Familiar animated characters break through the “dimensional wall” to the real world, causing a wave of popularity.The recently aired second season is still directed by Yingda, he said, “the first season to inherit the part of the audience love, retain the continuity between the two seasons, but also to go beyond and breakthrough, avoid repetition.”To this end, the production team expanded the cast selection, spending more time and energy across the country to select small actors who fit the role’s image requirements, in order to present a better performance than the first season.While retaining the classic plot of the animation, it also introduces new characters with The Times, reconstructs the living scenes in line with the current era, and integrates more educational significance in the arrangement of theme and content.CCTV animation group managing director, said Cai Zhijun around the IP, “big head the son” CCTV animation consistently in the television animation, animated movies, plays, and reality sitcoms in terms of the layout and development, is to become bigger and stronger China’s own parent-child animation brand, with the Chinese children are familiar with the era background, family life,By telling realistic stories that are close to them and warm them, they can unconsciously build up cultural confidence and get education of love.Adapted by real people to play after melodrama, compared with the previous animation version, more suitable for parents and children together, dominated by parent-child stories, both attract audience interested in children, and can cause adult audiences, both aesthetic enjoyment and education significance, also fill the scarce sitcoms on TV screens type blank at present.Yingda director of “New Big Head son and Small Head Dad” has been working in the field of sitcom for many years, and his representative work “I Love My Family” is still the peak of domestic sitcom so far.In the domestic excellent sitcom has been particularly scarce at the moment, the launch of yingda new naturally caused a high level of attention in the industry.Sitcoms are rooted in public life and are good at depicting the joys and sorrows of ordinary people. In particular, sitcoms with families as the background have a strong emotional resonance with the audience for the everyday things that happen in the fireworks scene.However, in recent years, there are few high-quality domestic melodrama, and the creation environment is not optimistic.Zhang Heping, the former chairman of Beijing Federation of Literary and Art and the former president of Beijing People’s Art Theater, believes that under such a background, the classic animation IP adapted into the form of situational drama can play the effect of “one plus one is greater than two”, both for animation and situational drama, have injected new vitality.Although classic animation IP can provide creative resources for sitcoms, the process of adaptation is very difficult.Lu Lu, professor and doctoral director of the Audiovisual Communication Research Center at Peking University, said: “There should be a healthy and culturally nutritious theme, a good plot to promote the story, enough atmosphere to attract audiences, and well-performed performances.””New Big Head Son and Small Head Father” has made positive efforts in these aspects, with new exploration of themes, new additions of leading roles, new design of scenes, new expressions of interest and new techniques of arrangement.Not only did a successful animation adaptation, but also contributed to a long time outstanding domestic sitcom.Localization creation, looking at the current social reality topic domestic sitcom how to break through the dilemma, and then a good work?”Sitcoms must be Chinese,” yingda said. “We need to create localized works for Chinese audiences.”As an art type close to the masses and life, sitcom has a broad narrative space. It can be used as a window to present the hot issues of a family, a society and an era, and has infinite potential for development.For example, the second season of New Big Head Son and Small Head Father keeps up with the development of The Times in terms of content and adds more observations on current social reality topics.The story contains responses to hot topics of The Times, such as family intergenerational relations, neighborhood relations, prominent community relations in the context of COVID-19, and education concepts advocated in the context of “double reduction”.Yu Peixia, the former president of The Chinese Animation Society, commented that the second season is better than the first season in the grasp of the topic selection content, more brilliant.In particular, from the two characters of “Old man grandpa” and “Flower skirt Aunt”, we can see the inheritance of traditional Chinese culture and virtues, as well as more advanced ideas of children’s education.The addition of these two characters, the original animation theme content has been updated excavation and higher promotion.With these observations on current social realities, the second season of The new Big Head has struck a better balance between comedy and education.While reshaping the classics, it breaks the inherent content restrictions and audience type restrictions of the original IP, caters to the aesthetic habits of more age groups of audiences, and presents an excellent work adapted from China’s own cultural IP with localized realistic significance, which makes the classic animation radiate new vitality in the new era.For domestic melodrama is in the type of predicament, the “crossover” integration is also expected to add confidence and hope to the revival of melodrama.Although the number and quality of sitcoms on the screen have failed in recent years, it doesn’t mean audiences don’t need sitcoms.The value of sitcoms will not fade in any era.(source: Guangming Daily) For more exciting content, please download the “Wuhan” client in each major application market.