What are the four great habits of driving that you have?

2022-06-12 0 By

First is overtaking, we often encountered in driving vehicle ahead tortoise speed, this will greatly affect our traffic efficiency, so will take overtaking, overtaking how driving is fast and safe, it is a lot of new drivers don’t pay attention to the problem, many novice drivers would rather walk leisurely manner, behind these cars because of afraid of accident,And those old drivers see such a situation, there will be no hesitation to overtake, these old drivers they will judge the surrounding car condition, if the rear and front of the car, they will hit the left turn signal for overtaking, and they overtake both fast and accurate.The second is the brake, the brake now are very sensitive, mainly for in an emergency situation, the owner in a timely manner on the brakes, want me to say that a person driving technology is good, basically see his brakes, some people when the brakes are very hard, cause vehicles instantaneous speed down, it will make people feel uncomfortable in the car, and some older drivers they brake,Will use a snub or slow brake, so the one who is, won’t feel uncomfortable in the car, at the same time also can let the car slow down as soon as possible, such as the current surface appear traffic lights, the novice drivers when the traffic lights to a screeching halt, while the old driver will snub in advance, to speed down, just stopped the car at the traffic lights.Third habit is very important, it is calm, now on the Internet there was a word called “road rage”, the “road rage” while driving, often because some things are very angry, for example, someone’s car nearly ran into oneself, oneself is very angry, so he often “don’t” that car to revenge, like this kind of behavior is not desirable,The car is a very dangerous thing, driving each other angry, to only harm themselves, old drivers for this situation will be open, they put safety in the first place.Fourth habit is often watch mirror, at that time, when I was a student driver, coach always tell I must learn to see the mirror, from time to time see the mirror, because most of our attention when driving in the front, the rear attention than in front of a lot less attention, if the rear of the vehicle and road conditions can have an observation,So there will be a great guarantee for their own driving safety, for example, when you look at the mirror when overtaking, if there is no car behind you can overtake, but if there is a car behind, and the distance is very close, then do not overtake, if forced overtaking will be dangerous.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)