Bai Juyi wrote a five-word poem on the Lantern Festival, which depicts the beauty of Hangzhou in twenty words

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There is a famous “white causeway” on the West Lake of Hangzhou. In order to stay away from the “niu Li party”, bai Juyi, who was fifty-one years old, volunteered to be sent to Hangzhou. When he was hangzhou governor, he did a practical thing for the local people.Hangzhou’s beautiful landscape inspired Bai Juyi to become a poet. He served as a magistrate in Hangzhou and Suzhou for five years, and did not leave Hangzhou until 829, when he was drafted as secretary superintendent.Compared with the previous Jiangzhou Sima, Bai Juyi’s life in Hangzhou was very comfortable. After working hard, he lingered around the west Lake, enjoying spring and autumn.His poem “Spring Trip to Qiantang Lake” depicts the magnificent scenery of The West Lake like an ink painting scroll.Poem yun: “Gushan temple north of the west of the pavilion, the water level cloud foot low.A few early warbler for warm trees, whose new swallows peck spring mud.Disorderly flower gradually to charming eyes, shallow grass to no horseshoe.Love lake east insufficient, green Yang Yin white sand dike.”It can be said that the West Lake in the Tang Dynasty is so beautiful that reading a few poems by Bai Juyi will make you feel like you are there.For example, “Afar early April, new leaves become overcast.Shake the wind beautiful, covered courtyard deep.There is no one here, I am looking for him…”Another example: “Ten thousand pine trees on green mountains, ten miles of sand dike in the bright moon.Floor corner gradually moved when the road shadow, tide head to the river wind.”.Another example: “The city is surrounded by thousands of lights and a river of stars.The wind blows the ancient wood sunny rain, as the moon pingsha summer night frost.”After he retired to Luoyang, because he missed the beauty of Jiangnan, he often said a word is: “Jiangnan, the most memorable is Hangzhou”, so he will Li Deyu “Xie Qiuniang” tune processing into a brand “Jiangnan”, and a spirit to write three songs, for Hangzhou personally do the endorsing, “Jiangnan is good, the old scenery has been familiar with.Sunrise river bonus wins the fire, spring to the river green as blue.Can you forget jiangnan?”Hangzhou is indeed beautiful, but it is even more beautiful on the 15th day of the first lunar month. You can enjoy the scenery of the Lantern Festival in this magnificent five-word poem written by Bai Juyi in the year of Changqing. The poem reads as follows:The spring breeze comes to the sea, the moon in the river.Lights every city, strike everywhere floor.It doesn’t matter if I don’t like Hangzhou.The poem entitled “The fifteenth night of the first month” was created during the period when the author was the governor of Hangzhou.In the fifteenth year of Yuan He, namely 820 years, Bai Juyi served as zhongzhou governor, he was summoned to return Beijing, worship Shangshu secretary doorman Wailang, moved to the host and guest lang, into the book she people.But at that time, the court of the warring factions, the country and Japan, Bai Juyi intended to stay away from the political center.In the second year of Changqing, that is, in 822, He was sent to Hangzhou and Suzhou for about five years.This poem depicts the magnificent Lantern Festival in Hangzhou, expressing the poet’s nostalgia for life in hangzhou.Notes: 1. Sea: The offshore sea of Hangzhou in the Tang Dynasty.The Qiantang River.2. City: Market.3. Dili: Dijing refers to Chang ‘an.4. Don’t: Don’t.Appreciation: first couplet “old acquaintance heart music, toward swim night swim”.The old year is abundant, the grain is ripe, the heart is happy, after playing in the morning, continue to play in the evening.During his tenure as hangzhou provincial magistrate, the poet was diligent in government and loved the people, leading the people to improve production and life, changing the relatively backward economic situation, dredging six Wells, improving drinking water for residents, and building dikes on the lake to improve the silting of the West Lake. The people loved Bai Juyi and affectionately called the long dike on the lake “White Dike”.In the blink of an eye, the end of the year, residents have improved their lives, so they can feel at ease in the Lantern Festival to play a whole day.The author explains the reason for writing the poem at the beginning of the sentence.Nod couplet “spring breeze comes to the sea, bright moon in the river head”.It was early spring, the spring breeze from the sea slowly blowing, the moon on the river, qinghui overflow.This is a very neat nod.”Bright moon” on the “spring breeze”, “jiang Tou” on the “sea”, the atmosphere is grand, the scene is magnificent, the field of vision suddenly spread out, in the distance, the spring breeze blows from the sea, in the air, a bright moon against the river, more vast and clear, reflect the quartet.Neck “lights every city, strike everywhere floor”.Street lights on every family, strike yan dance from each building came out.The counter-battle of the neck is also just right, “strike” to “lights”, one is auditory enjoyment, one is visual feast.”Everywhere” to “family”, the festive atmosphere will be more intense.Happy scenes throughout the city every corner, people are in their own way to express love and yearning for life.The end of the couplet “Just as well think di li, dislike Hangzhou”.My heart suddenly began to miss the Lantern Festival in Beijing, and turned to think that there should not be a trace of dislike for Hangzhou.In the early tang Dynasty, the poet Su Wei, who had served as prime minister, wrote a poem titled “The 15th Night of the first lunar month” : “The fire tree and silver flowers closed, the star bridge and iron lock open.The dark dust followed the horse, the moon followed.Luxuriant kabuki pli, low plum line song.I can not help night, jade leakage mo urge.”The first two sentences have been widely praised, their striking time overflow color, superior style.The fire tree silver flower of the world, the starry river in the sky is on the move, the dark fragrance of the street is ying Ying, the bright moon in the sky is bright, the charm of plum blossom is rustling, all yi yi unripe in the author’s pen.Compared with Luoyang and Chang ‘an, Hangzhou was far behind at that time, which is why the author put it here.Therefore, after visiting Hangzhou for a day, the author inevitably has a comparison in his mind. Hangzhou’s Lantern Festival is a little second place. It is understandable that Bai Juyi misses Kyoto.But the author turns to say that hangzhou today, after governance, the economy, culture and ecology have had gratifying changes, you should not hate here.Bai juyi of the song “on the fifteenth day of the night”, the spring breeze and bright moon, offshore, river water and lights, strike, bit city, restaurants, and other typical scenery, has carried on the careful arrangement, and through comparing, antithesis lyrics the Lantern Festival in hangzhou, and easy to understand language as bright and beautiful people, distinct to convey visual effect, psalteries and timely.Just four sentences, twenty words, let readers feel the bustling hangzhou Lantern Festival dynamic beauty, at the same time both quiet, peaceful static beauty.There is quietness in movement and quietness in movement. The two pictures are harmonious and beautiful, showing the unique charm of Hangzhou.When the author was appointed to Hangzhou, he wrote a song “Night Mooring journey hope” on the way. The poem says: “Sleep less and worry more, get up in the middle of the night and look at the countryside.Shaming lian Pu month, sail white full ship frost.Offshore river mi wide, welcome longer autumn night.After thirty nights of smoke, I still haven’t reached Qiantang.”This poem is also written in the full moon night, the author of the river moat night, looking into the distance of the open river, feel the intermittent chill brought by the autumn wind and frost, after thirty days and nights, not to qiantang, bursts of nostalgia welled up in my heart.After arriving in Hangzhou, the author lived in an official residence and wrote a poem called “Official Residence”, in which there are lines like this: “When you taste tea in a cup of tea, you read a book in a row.Early plum knot green real, residual cherry drop red bead.The young girl plays with the fruit and leads the train.”After work, the author drank a cup of tea and read several books every morning.See the yard plum ripe, plum fell, the daughter in the yard picking fruit, sometimes pulling his father’s skirt, let the author feel a deep affection.When I go out, I can build dikes and repair DAMS with the people. When I come home, I can have a meal and tea with my family. This is what everyone is looking forward to.Want to know more wonderful content, fast to pay attention to slow words poetry Su Shi tearful farewell leadership of a word, lyric borrow scene, clear miao, as SOB Sue Su Shi “line incense son” : miss and the magistrate suburban lake of elegance, Ming landscape dark writing feelings