Breakthrough and heritage, The New Rolex 2022 watch dial point

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On March 30, the world’s largest watch exhibition — Geneva “Clock and wonder” senior watch exhibition officially opened in Geneva after two years.The Swiss independent watchmaking brand Rolex also unveiled six new watches on the same day.The new watch breaks boundaries and makes bold innovations while inheriting classics, which also shows the valuable spirit of rolex in the field of watchmaking.Today, I will give you an inventory of 6 new Rolex chronographs.In the 1930s, the aviation industry entered the golden age. With the improvement of the performance of the flying meter and the expansion of the airline, the demand for precision chronometer was also increasing.The appearance of the Air Overlord watches not only reflects the unique connection between rolex and the golden age of aviation in the 1930s, but also pays tribute to the pilots and the important position oyster watches occupied in aviation.Since 2016, the Air Overlord dial has taken inspiration from the design of the flight instrument, projecting the professional style of the flight watch on the appearance.The watch is also the first update of the Air Overlord model since 2016, adding new features on the basis of the original watch.Compared with the previous game, the “5 minutes” digital scale on the dial has increased the number of “0”, “05”, which makes the dial more legible, symmetrical with the “55” digital scale on the left, and more beautiful.The hands, triangular hour markers for the 12 o ‘clock position, and the 3, 6 and 9 o ‘clock numbers are all illuminated with optimized luminous materials to improve readability in dark environments.In addition, the brand also provides shoulder guards on both sides of the crown, which highlights the importance of the Skymaster model in the Rolex professional range.The watch features a Caliber 3230 automatic chain movement with a swing frequency of 28800vph, a Chronergy escapement system and 70 hours of power reserve.With fine steel watch chain, the official price is 57,400 RMB.If the biggest surprise from this year’s Rolex watch was what?It’s got to be this Greenwich II.Before the launch of the new product, some people guessed the green and black “Sprite circle”, but did not expect it to be left-handed.The new Rolex Greenwich II watch uses a new color scheme, two-color Cerachrom ceramic ring with black and green combination design, and bold use of the left upper chain crown, a breakthrough in the original design.As the crown moved, the calendar window moved from 3 o ‘clock to 9 o ‘clock.The new watch has not changed in size, still uses a 40 mm consumption case, and the middle case is made of solid oyster steel, difficult to corrosion while ensuring that the waterproof depth of the watch can reach 100 meters.In terms of movement configuration, the watch uses the New generation Of Rolex 32 series movement (3258), which can provide 70 hours of power storage.In addition, this watch is currently priced at 86,000 yuan, but as a Rolex sports watch, or to see its actual price, I do not know whether it will be affected by “left-handed”, let the price a little more friendly?Although the platinum material has a dazzling white luster, it is difficult to process, not to mention precision processing.In this year’s new rolex watch there is a 950 platinum watch, this watch is only made of precious metals, is the world’s first dial with a small window at the same time show the date and the week of the calendar watch, this watch is also rolex in bold innovation and excellence on the watch road witness.In addition to all precious metals, this new calendar 40 mm watch has two features that people cannot ignore.One is rolex to overcome the difficulties of platinum precision processing, the first to create a platinum triangle pit ring (dog tooth ring), more texture than aperture, with fresh and elegant ice blue disk, not only has a high recognition, but also make the watch looks more elegant and expensive.New yacht celebrity type 42 watch continues the design essence of this series, and for the first time to join the gold material to create, launched the first gold style watch of this series, shining luxury.In the past, this watch is only 18K white gold, and the new gold watch compared to the quietly elegant, like gold sports table friends can be rushed.The bidirectional rotating outer ring, the stereoscopic Cerachrom letter-ring and the new Oysterflex strap are all the same design as the original, classic and recognizable.In addition, the watch uses a black lacquer dial, with simple geometric clock markers, anti-reflective coating crystal mirror, with optimized Chromalight luminous display, clear and easy to read.The evening paper is equipped with 3235 automatic chain movement, power reserve for 70 hours, and the official price is 221,200 YUAN.Rolex log is a very classic brand watch series, but also the world’s first at 3 o ‘clock position with a calendar window automatic chain waterproof observatory certification watch, is the classic of the classic.The new watch with a very distinctive flower pattern dial, respectively using sun light, matte and grain three finishes, dial is also inlaid with 24 shining diamonds as flower stamens, in the light of lifelike, the overall design of the watch ingenuity.There are three versions of the watch that can be worn in different styles: sky blue dial with steel case, triangular ridged bezel made of platinum, the official price of 78,600 yuan;Olive green dial with 18K gold case, bezel set with 46 diamonds, official price 323,500 RMB;Silver dial with gold steel case, bezel also set with diamonds, the official price of 151,500 yuan.This yacht famous 40 watch is inspired by the aurora borealis and the morning light. It skillfully sets multicolored gems in the wrist. Blue, purple, pink and white make the watch shiny but not pompous, and create a harmonious and pleasing visual effect.Do not know the male watch friend to this kind of tonal collocation how to look, but believe that most women no matter love does not love the table, probably can not refuse.The new case is cast in 18K white gold for the first time. In addition to the gemstones embedded in the bezel, the ear and crown shoulder are also inlaid with 46 round diamonds, which will shine in the evening.The watch is equipped with model 3235 movement inside. Like all Rolex watches, oyster Type Constant motion Yacht Type 40 is certified by Super Observatory precision chronometer, ensuring that the watch can play an excellent performance when wearing.Summary: The above is the rolex watch exhibition at the beginning of the release of 6 new watches, do not know which we prefer?