China lost Japan miserable, like a salty fish without temper

2022-06-13 0 By

The national football team this game, kick called a silent, the first half of the scene called a terrible, then glance at the technical statistics of the good guy, running Tokyo to give people when the sandbag, ball control rate of 730 open, shooting 9-0, pass 324-137, corner kick 7-0……In other words, the National football team is not good for nothing on the statistical panel, foul and yellow card these two, not overwhelming the opponent.In fact, it is expected to kick Japan, after all, the national football team is not chosen nor the leading role, not into the cave to pick up the outstanding martial arts, it is difficult to meet what the world.However, it was a little unexpected that Japan kept rubbing the ball for 90 minutes from the beginning to the end.After all, the previous draw against Australia gave us the illusion that we could still compete with the big boys if we could just pull back and naturalize.After world War I today, the illusion has been completely corrected.The scene is very boring, far less than a few days ago rich keyboard cannon triggered by the siege of all people to the wonderful.Of course, the rich today because of suspension out of the stage, can only jiang Guangtai, and substitute Alan.Naturalization did use, but with or without naturalization there is no essential difference, substitute Alan than lei Zi ge slightly bright, but still not enough to change the game.Of course, part of the problem is that it’s hard to be alone, but things might improve if you had a rich country, a scooter and an Exxon at your disposal.However or that sentence, Chinese football or do not rely on naturalization, or simply pull down the face of reuse naturalization, now this situation is not the most embarrassing.Use the?Yeah, it’s not gonna work.Final whistle score fixed, and domestic public opinion one-sided recognition of the gap is too big really can’t kick different, Japan a calm, abuse a dish, nothing too worth celebrating.Instead, they make points.The goal hero ITO Junshi repeatedly lamenting his ability to grasp opportunities still needs to improve, said, “If this aspect is improved, I think the game will be easier.”Listen to me. Listen to me. Kill me.It is an immutable truth that you will be beaten if you lag behind.What is more frightening than falling behind is seeing little hope.After the gold bubble, the league has become a mere speck, and with the increasing quality of the league, the reserve force is difficult to sustain.Everyone is in bury lei son elder brother the whole court stealth, can have thought lei son elder brother is already the domestic all forward in the top one, after all, only he has the qualification to sit on the bench in the five major leagues, the rest of the people, even such qualification are not.Look at Japan, how many players go abroad and how many play in the big five leagues?There is no point in talking about “forcing players out”, the reality is that these players do not have the ability to join a major league overseas and play at a higher level through quality.Looking to the next generation?The next generation we actually lag behind, since 2005, the National youth team has not been in the world youth competition.Interestingly, the runner-up at the 2019 World Youth Championships was none other than South Korea, with supernova Lee Kang-in named the best player at the World Youth Championships.Who is the shooter king of the world Youth Championship?None other than harland, the king’s neck-and-neck favorite.The pessimistic view is that The National football team has been left far behind by the best in Asia and will be left further behind over time.Now we can cry “we will take it out on Vietnam in the second year of the New Year”, but will we be able to do so in a few years?Don’t forget that Vietnam’s youth training has been in full swing in recent years. When these young people grow up, is it Vietnam’s turn to clean up its old debts and settle its new ones?Recall that year, the national foot fear Korea;With the rise of Japan, the national football team’s enemy +1;Into the 21st century, once the head team with high-altitude bombing bully west Asia team has become powerless;Now, finally like a salty fish like repair to no temper.Witness this 20, 30 years of national football depravity history, mixed feelings in the heart.And thousands of thousands of emotions gathered together, in the end only condensed out such a sentence: lifetime, but also can see the national football team into a World Cup?