Douro: Mermaid + witch temptation, 97 years old sea witch was pit, tang three fourth red ring has come to hand

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Haenongdura is the lowest of the seven titles, but the age of haenongdura is estimated to be the oldest, because haenongdura has been 97 years old.Tang three along the way, has beaten 5 titles, if the Shanghai female douluo, then just 6 titles douluo.In fact, the sea female dou luo tang three won the most easy one.Because tang three did not use any soul technology to win.The sea female dou luo and Tang three times, her soul force almost no loss.So she used the “mermaid real body” and “siren temptation”, unfortunately, 97 years old sea siren was tang three “pit”, tang three fourth red ring has come to hand.When fighting With Zhu Zhu-cheong, haenu did not use the mermaid body.She is not an ordinary human, she is a mermaid, so the seventh soul of the sea is a “mermaid”.The mermaid just appeared, of course, this is just special effects, we can hardly see what is so impressive.In addition to the mermaid body, the sea female douro directly released the “ninth soul technology.”This is the sea female dou luo’s strongest soul technology, the power of this move is also very powerful.It looks like a mermaid is dragging a sea witch, and then she plays the flute.The name of soul technology is “Zhenhai Shenqu”, the name is still very aggressive.But the tang three not only useless, but will accelerate the tang three “fifth soul ring” evolution.The effect of this move itself can be said to be “instant”, tricks, there will be a lot of witch phantom to lure Tang Three.But these moves seem useless to Tang SAN, and even can be said to have no effect.In the face of the siren’s temptation, Tang three unmoved, directly sitting on the ground to absorb the energy released by the sea siren.How else to say sea female dou luo tang sanpit again?The ninth soul technology directly into the tang three soul ring evolution of the “catalyst”, after absorption, tang three soul ring began to evolve rapidly.In this way, tang three fifth soul ring began to evolve, after rapid evolution, tang three and obtained a 10W soul ring.Such a calculation, small dance sacrifice one, god grants a soul ring, demon orca king one.Tang SAN has four 10W soul ring, as an 84 level of the contra, Tang SAN is too cattle.So many 10W soul ring is foreshadowing, after all, there is a “dragon” to play.Dragon dou Luo is one of the strongest title dou Luo, especially his “broken magic domain”.But tang three and want to play smart, he put forward in the way of men to fight, eventually, two people are not using soul technology to fight.So, from the results, the reason why Tang three can win, sea women also have a lot of “assist”!