In her first performance at the Winter Olympics, Gu Eiling surprised and won the gold Screen search

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Gu completed her final jump of 1,620 on the shougang Platform this morning, beating herself and her French rival, who had been leading her all along, to earn the highest podium of the Beijing Winter Olympics with a total score of 188.25.This jump, broke through their own, but also for the Chinese delegation to create history, for the Chinese delegation won the third gold medal in the Beijing Winter Olympics.Weak project completion ultra high difficulty Gu Ailing has been breaking through, endless.At her first Winter Olympic Games, Gu took part in three events, freestyle big jump, slopestyle and halfpipe, and the Chinese expected her to make history in Chinese skiing.But in fact, compared with slopestyle and halfpipe, the big platform is Gu’s weakness.To make up for her shortcomings, Gu flew to Austria for training last year without a coach.”My mum took videos of me during practice and sent them to my coaches and friends, who then watched them and gave me advice.”Gu Ailing introduced.After training for about three weeks, Gu finally surpassed the double front somersaults and 1440 quadruple twists that no woman has ever accomplished.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will see the debut of freestyle ski big jump, the youngest event in the “winter Olympics family”.It was her first time on the Stage of the Olympic Games. The first event she challenged and won the gold medal was the “weak” big platform. Gu Had no fear and successfully challenged 1620 ultra-difficult movements.Her skiing career has been one of “endless breakthroughs”.Before the Beijing Winter Olympics, the International Snow Federation published an article titled “Gu Has done nothing but win this season”, which said: “Since her return from injury on December 2, 2021, Gu Has finished on the podium in all nine competitions in 37 days, with a total of six gold, two silver and one bronze MEDALS.It is worth mentioning that In mammoth Mountain of the United States halfpipe World Cup, Gu Ailing successfully completed two 900-degree twists in the second round of the final and got 97.50 points. After the match, Gu Admitted that she was surprised to be able to complete this difficult movement. The official website of the International Snow Federation praised gu’s performance as the most perfect so far.From giving up playing for the United States team, to join the Chinese team, this young girl with a Beijing accent has made history again and again.After joining the Chinese team, he quickly became a household name and was the top star of this Winter Olympics.Anta, the top sports brand in the field of professional sports, also offered her an olive branch at the first time, helping Gu to make greater breakthroughs in the competition.Anta has made at least five modifications to gu’s suit to ensure that it fits her body and movement habits.As we all know, freestyle skiing is carried out in the outdoor snow resort, athletes need to complete all kinds of difficult air movements, the body is often wet by the snow, so the freestyle skiing clothing for waterproof, moisture permeability of the function of high requirements.The suit made by Anta for Gu Adopts PROTECTION technology, which is windproof and waterproof.Especially durable waterproof treatment of the outer layer can effectively reduce the dampness and cold feeling of the fabric in the damp environment and keep the human body dry and comfortable.Indeed, today’s game, high-tech equipment is an indispensable condition for athletes to achieve good results.Among the 15 events of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Anta made the competition equipment for 12 Chinese teams, which is the sports brand supporting the Chinese national team with the most competition equipment.It is worth mentioning that from summer Olympics to winter Olympics, Anta has created competition equipment for 28 Chinese national teams, ranking first among all sports brands.It is not difficult to find that Gu Ailing’s love for Anta is also from the bottom of her heart. Whether it is competition dress, award dress, or the opening ceremony dress, the cool colors and fashionable version are deeply loved by her.When she first moved into the Olympic Village, Gu staged a catwalk show, wearing all the Anta clothes and walking as a model. She also invited friends from other countries to participate. In her video, gu said this was her first project of the Winter Olympics.Today’s shougang ski jump, gu Ailing, 18, not only brought the highly difficult movements, but also left her youthful breath and confident smile in this piece of snow.China has anta