Ioc President Thomas Bach said in an exclusive interview: “300 million people participate in ice sports” opens a new era

2022-06-13 0 By

This morning, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach visited the China Media Group’s Forward Broadcast Report Production Center for the Winter Olympic Games and accepted an exclusive interview with the Group.Reporter: What new experience do you hope the Beijing Winter Olympics will bring to the global audience?Bach: “I think for the Chinese people, there are two aspects of the event that the Beijing Winter Olympics can bring 300 million people to participate in ice and snow.First of all, it is a very good time for Chinese people to participate in winter sports, which can strengthen their physical fitness and health level. It is also beneficial to the development of areas where snow and ice sports are carried out in China, and it will bring positive feedback to the local economy, which is from the perspective of Chinese society.For the world, it means a new era for Beijing 2022, because now we have 300 million more people around the world watching ice sports.As far as I know about China, your goal is not limited to 300 million. You are already on your way to a new goal, so more Chinese people will be exposed to ice sports in the future.”Reporter:”Mr. Chairman as you said, China has successfully achieve the goal of three hundred million people took part in ice and snow sports, you also have special attention to China’s ice and snow sports, we see you at the scene to watch some of the Beijing games, witnessed the Chinese athletes make a breakthrough, such as the freestyle skiing big platform champion GuAiLing, and alpine skiing historic breakthrough,So do you have any specific plans for watching Chinese athletes in the future?”Bach: “To be honest, my plan is not just to focus on the Chinese team. I will focus on all the competitions as much as possible, which really reflects the development of China in ice sports.As long as I go to watch the games, there will be Chinese athletes, I went to see the downhill alpine skiing competition, there are Chinese athletes, when I went to the shougang platform, just witnessed the Chinese athletes won the gold medal.So I hope I can see Chinese athletes in all the games I watch, which really shows the depth of China’s participation in ice and snow sports.”Reporter: “We all know that you are an Olympic fencing champion, and we were curious if you are a fan of ice sports yourself. What is your favorite ice sport?”Bach: “There’s always been a fascination for me with winter sports. You can go from the big jumps to curling, to speed skating, and the variety is fascinating.If I had to pick one winter sport, it would be flying, which everyone dreams of.Reporter: “So I guess ski jumping.”Bach: “Yes.Perhaps no one realizes that when I stand on the platform, I dare not jump in any way.”