Linyi Beicheng New District two brigade service enterprises to solve the problem owners banner table thanks

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Dazhong · Poster News reporter Liu Yuandi Correspondent Xu Qinlin Linyi “Thank you urban Management Bureau, thank you for your careful service!”On January 25, 2022 morning, the linyi red palm real estate co., LTD., projects department manager li chao will write a “service enterprise more beautiful city law enforcement for people”, “the banner to the administrative law enforcement detachment beicheng district of linyi city management two brigades, thank group adhere to the service concept, for a long time to help the construction project to solve problems of hard effort.It is understood that Linyi Red Palm Real Estate Co., Ltd. contracted to build a construction project in the North City New Area, surrounded by primary and secondary schools and a number of residential areas, and the construction period is tight, the task is heavy, a little careless is likely to affect the lives of the surrounding people.In the face of this problem, beicheng district two brigade as actively, top service, visit the public opinion and in-depth on-site consultation, combined with the actual, in conjunction with the project to formulate a series of civilized construction measures, solved the WeiDang construction, management of inward and outward, peripheral health maintenance, construction of a nuisance, and many other problems, make the standardization construction site,The project has been highly praised by all parties and the surrounding masses.A flag, representing trust and responsibility.A flag, on behalf of praise and encouragement.In the New Year, the 2nd Brigade of Beicheng New Area will further practice the trinity law enforcement concept of “service management and law enforcement”, continuously optimize the business environment, and make positive contributions to comprehensively improve the city appearance environment.