Net revealed lu Han Guan Xiaotong official wedding announced on 22nd this month, at the end of last year suspected to have taken wedding photos in the same place

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On February 21, the news of Guan and Lu’s marriage spread on a forum. Some netizens posted that Lu han and Lu Xiaotong would officially announce their marriage tomorrow, while others anonymously said, “Melon field, there will be another big wedding tomorrow.”The rumor of guan Xiaotong and Lu Han getting married has been forwarded by various marketing accounts, so it seems that even if they don’t get married on The 22nd, they will issue a statement in response. Everyone is waiting to hear from them.Interestingly, reported on February 10 that guan and Lu were getting engaged. Guan’s father told a friend that they had met each other’s relatives and speculated that they had dinner with their families after getting engaged.Will this prediction come true?The two shared a set of photos in October and December last year respectively. They took a set of modeling photos in the same place. At that time, some netizens suspected that it was a set of wedding photos, so the marriage news is not groundless.When Lu and Guan officially announced their relationship on The National Day in October 2017, they stormed down the weibo server and dominated the trending searches for a whole day. Some people cried because they loved each other, while others expressed their best wishes.Although their relationship is not promising, Lu’s bravery is still a plus.The two have been dating for four years and have been frequently spotted dating abroad, making them a well-matched couple, and han has said he will get married around the age of 28, so the announcement has been widely expected.However, after lu turned 28 and was still unmarried, rumors of a breakup broke out repeatedly, and the couple confirmed the rumors without revealing when they would tie the knot.It is worth mentioning that the two have become very close and have been photographed returning to the hotel together for several days, which was seen as a trial marriage.Especially in the past half a year, the interaction between the two has changed more frequently. On October 30 last year, they came across a badminton court to play, dressed like a couple, very sweet.On Nov 4 last year, they were spotted walking around in matching black and white hoodies. Lu, 31, looked younger than Guan by seven years, but he didn’t look aged at all.In the early morning of September 17, 2021, Lu Han publicly celebrated Guan Xiaotong’s birthday for the fifth time.Will there be an official announcement on 22nd?Wait and see.