One Mind fighting epidemic | “contrarian” on the road of fighting epidemic

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A sudden outbreak of the epidemic let a lot of people into the battle they head on in their own post day endlessly, sleepless overtime hard work, silently dedication…Scenes of warm and touching stories are happening in Binjiang January 26 at the beginning of the epidemic, Comrade Gu Jiquan as a young party member, volunteered to go to the Yangtze River community, the Yangtze River Xiyuan key containment area of the frontline epidemic prevention work.The 50-hour epidemic prevention work for four consecutive days included order maintenance, checkpoint control, policy guidance, personnel transfer, and public service.Every job has his busy figure.On The New Year’s Eve of January 31, Gu Jiquan, Hu Gongwei, Ge Liang and Tian Jinjing gave up the initiative to go home and have a reunion for the New Year. They coordinated the isolation and control work of more than 120 households in 6 buildings in the jiangsan transitional housing containment area, placed isolation belts door to door, and assisted in transporting and distributing more than 180 New Year gift packages for residents in the containment area and containment area.”This is the most memorable and meaningful New Year’s Eve dinner I’ve ever had!” said the two young men, holding the lunch box in their hands.As a member of the Communist Party, Ge Liang has volunteered to go to the front line of the fight against the epidemic.On January 27, after receiving the assignment, he resolutely went to it without hesitation.Ge Liang comrade actively assist to maintain the order of residents transport team, and enthusiastic to help residents carry luggage, back and forth more than 20 times, tired to sweat.It was cold and wet, and he wore a mask, and the lenses of his glasses fogged incessantly, and he had to wipe them from time to time.Although his shoes were wet and shivering from the cold, Ge Liang stayed at his post until he finished the transfer work for the day and went home to rest.Later, we learned that when Ge Liang received the support task, his 3-year-old son had been suffering from a high fever, and his 8-month-old daughter was also in urgent need of someone to take care of. However, he did not report to the organization, but threw himself into supporting the epidemic prevention and control work in the streets and communities without turning back.”Fu Zai hong comrade, please arrive before 22 o ‘clock jiang Three community transition room, support to assist the masses isolation transport.”At 9 PM on January 30, Inspector Fu Zaihong, who was telling a story with his daughter, received a call from the office of the bureau.After receiving the mission, he said to his daughter, “darling, daddy has a mission, mother accompany you.”His daughter asked him, “Dad, are you going to join the epidemic prevention? Come back to me when you’re done.”At 9:45 in the evening, Fu Zaihong arrived at the designated place on time, skillfully put on protective clothing, according to the field command into battle, to help the masses to take items down the floor, loaded on the car, guide the masses to orderly take the vehicle, from 10 o ‘clock at night until 7 o ‘clock the next morning.”My power is small, but as long as I can contribute to the epidemic prevention, I will do my best,” Fu said as he and many others watched the last vehicle drive away.Early in the morning on January 30, Qiu Baoren comrade to zhongxing community changhe street report, immediately on duty to help the community nucleic acid test to maintain order.On New Year’s Eve, Comrade Qiu Bao-ren came to the community early to help verify those who had not been tested continuously by phone and remind residents to take nucleic acid tests in time.In the afternoon, he changed into Baymax, delivering Spring Festival gift packages to more than 20 isolated households in the community door-to-door, bringing care and warmth from the Party and the government. He spent the whole afternoon going upstairs and downstairs, knocking on the door and greeting them.By the end of the day his back was aching and he was doubled over, but the next day he still showed up early in the community.Qiu, who will retire this year, said, “As a veteran Party member, I feel gratified that I can contribute to epidemic prevention and control, lighten the burden of community workers, and send the warmth of the Party and government to community residents.”Editor/Liu Ziyin Source/District People’s Social Security Bureau