Talk about the we-media people in my eyes in the February 8 incident

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I do not know everyone from what channels know 28 events, I am from baidu’s push to understand, from cutting the liver to save children to the wrong life all the way chase after a series.Before that I do not go up douyin kuaishou and so on, forum also only in tianya stroll.Think about how to get into Doujia Village, I think I saw a video of Thomas’s mother on Baidu.My grandparents and dad all studied in Beijing. Especially my grandma not only studied but also lived for a long time. Decades later, as a native of northeast China, she speaks with a certain Beijing flavor.Therefore, tomas mother’s Beijing film made me feel close to her, and I think she has grounds, so I added a concern.At that time, Douyin just released a private conversation about the mother, around tearing her or protecting her to have a small climax.Thanks to my mother, I paid attention to Hengsu. I judge people by their appearance. Good-looking people with pleasant voices are all plus points for me.Hensu’s face was on my side, and I had to hide from him from his voice to his appearance, so I stepped into Doujia Village, a pit deeper than the Mariana Trench.I have been jumping around in various live broadcast rooms on Douyin and brushing their works, and I have started to make up for the lessons of the two and eight. Not only the event itself, but also the enmity and hatred on Douyin.But I was sensible and prudent, and I had not yet spent eleven dollars.Based on me is a stingy ghost, only like to listen to not brush gifts, oh, I gave Liuliu teacher sent a few flowers, now hanging bao Ma fan lights.Many leap up jump up or see many door.Taking Douyin as an example, it is an industrial chain. When hot events happen, it will be tacit divided into several parties.One-sided crushing is not interesting, except Chinese people who have no interest in watching Brazilian football against China.So the elder sisters, when you give anchor brush gift, help him dozen PK, who knows finished somebody else is not hooked shoulder to shoulder to drink small wine chat?To these people, being an anchor is a job, telling the audience what they want to hear, so I just wanted to roll my eyes when someone told me something righteous about being an anchor.Where there is any water, the water of the other people is only toward the place where the money flows.Of course, I’m talking about anchors who do this for a living, not including those who play games.My principle is very simple, even if say flower, bright other people’s private chat record, put other people chat recording take off not to discuss.This is the basis of my quality screening, so I abandoned Xiao Qiushui, cat mother 45 and others, this is also the reason I spit on Du Xinzhi, Xiong Lei and others.We all casually say things to our friends that we can’t say in public. How will these words be understood once they are put out of context and contextual factors?Will I ever be able to talk to people again?As for the shredders, they are just actors on stage, and it doesn’t matter to understand that.For example, Heng Su, later he talked less about 28. When he came to his studio, he would either tear people or sing songs, or sell goods, so he would naturally go less.I was moved by a few amateur anchors in the February 8 incident.Is six six, su yi xia, Gu Li, big eyes, Doctor Liu and so on, they were attracted by Xu Min’s experience, with their own professional knowledge to answer questions for everyone.I guess they’re all respectable people at work, spending hours with us when they should be spending hours with their grandchildren.They did not hang yellow car to sell goods, especially 66 teachers received a gift but also squat in others broadcast room to send back to others.Funny little old men. I respect them like my elders.In the two eight, xu family grow up while walking, we accompany while learning.Tear person or, sell goods or as long as do not hurt Xu family person has nothing to do.But that kind of pick outside pouting, pretend to close to xu family, every day put aniseed and even coerce the so-called we-media people with the development of the situation we also slowly see.Life is very long, a 28 events can not earn a lifetime of money, if you want to develop words, people still need to have a bottom line.