The new version of “Lean on the Sky and Slay the Dragon” also explained to the audience, incidentally broke the audience’s expectations

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Wulin sovereign treasure knife slew a dragon, controlling of the world, don’t dare not from, a handheld device maker e-ten not, handheld device maker e-ten die another slew the IP and rush toward street, jing wang director of the handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember the sun siddhi “rookies is the flame of the handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember to laugh at best when zhang mei, a most” see “a replacement.Zhang Min: See you mostly!In those days, “The devil Of the Dragon” is a constellation of stars, all are big brands, but also very dedicated.Sammo Hung, Jet Li, Zhang Min, Qiu Shuzhen, Li Zi and a large group of popular artists such as the wonderful acting let people see a big call for fun, has been looking forward to the sequel, this wait…It’s been 26 years.It’s certainly not realistic to bring the same team back after 26 years.But it is a new version of let a person cannot help, just like the net friend of comments: don’t come, leave a fantasy in the heart, as some thought, now I am afraid that horrible video teach claims that year’s mowgli is positive level peak li plays in appearance, jet li is a martial arts champion, perform a play that is a flowing, pushing and agile.Zhang Min plays Zhao Min, Qiu Shuzhen’s small zhao, Li Zi’s heyday appearance can only be at the bottom.Let’s not talk about the lineup.Let’s make a contrast, the United States is not the United States I do not ridicule, after all, Qiu Shuzhen’s appearance level does not have how many can go down, here to cheat and play with the female feelings of the man to ridicule a modeling, cloud qianqian head of the two small balls is funny?At first glance, I thought it was Nezha.Zhou Zhi if the casting, the week Zhi if is played by Li Zi, due to the reason of magic change, Li Zi a show is very clever, put a belly black female raise full ten.The new version of qiu Meaning thick, the United States is not the United States I still don’t evaluate, just black after the Week Zhi if the powder on the face can less dozen, looking too scary.About Zhao Min, Zhang Wuji et al….Forget it, I can’t vomit, I first go to vomit for a while, I feel sorry for Lin Feng and Louis Koo, Wang Pangzi, you are going to destroy them