Urumqi: Sports have become the new fashion of Spring Festival

2022-06-13 0 By

Tianshan Network news (reporter Shen Zuxiao report) On February 5, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, in urumqi sports park, people walking, running, exercise and fitness figure everywhere.”I come to the park every day to exercise, and The Spring Festival is no exception.”Zhou Hai, a jogger, said, “Don’t mention that there are many people who come to the park for exercise during the Spring Festival.””This Spring Festival, my son, who is in junior middle school, and I came to the park every morning to run and play badminton. It’s good for our eyes and body. It’s very convenient to work out here.”Liu Xiaoli, a citizen who lives in tianfu garden village on happy road, said.”In the past, I spent most of the Spring Festival with relatives and friends, eating and drinking together, or playing mahjong with friends. This year, I want to change the way, drink less and exercise more.””Said Rollin, a citizen who had just finished a run.Two people exercise at a sports park in Urumqi, capital of Northwest China’s Urumqi uygur Autonomous Region, Feb. 5, 2019.Reporter Shen Zuxiao photo in Urumqi economic opening area (Toutunhe district) sports center, whether basketball hall, badminton hall or table tennis hall, can see the citizens sweat sports figure.Sports and Sports center in the natatorium, the temperature is suitable, spacious and bright, the water of the pool is clear, some people are swimming.”Today our whole family came to swim to add some ‘dynamic’ to the flavor of the New Year, and we will continue tomorrow!”Wang Jun, a regular swimmer, said that bodybuilding has become a new way of entertainment for the whole family during the Spring Festival holiday, which not only enriches the holiday life, but also adds a special flavor to the traditional festival.Urumqi Tianshan Park ice rink, filled with passionate figures, we enjoy the fun of ice and snow sports, feel the enthusiasm of the Winter Olympics.”Ice sports have been integrated into our lives and changed our way of life. This year, we will have a different Spring Festival with our families, with a strong New Year flavor and a stronger sports flavor.””Said Liu Hongyan, a citizen skating with her children.