Foshan Communist Youth League linked 100 enterprises youth “Introduce my job”

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In order to cooperate with the Foshan Municipal Committee “aid enterprise stability” related work deployment, the Communist Youth League Foshan Municipal Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Youth League Municipal Committee”) actively launched “youth warm reunion Foshan” six series of Spring care action,It includes the Spring Festival scissors service for 10,000 people, city experience activities for the children of migrant workers, the “Lucky Single” campaign during the Spring Festival, and the series of short videos “Let me introduce my Job” to promote the continuous “warming up” of the city.A total of 31 episodes of the short video series have been released, with nearly 200,000 views.Among them, “I’d like to introduce my job” series of short video collection campaign is launched to help solve pku innovation enterprise “hire difficult” unreal, collecting different industries throughout the city and the collective good foreign youth delegates to record a short video, show the sense of happiness and get in foshan, attract more foreign youth employment to foshan,To create more than 100 “Foshan recruitment spokesperson”.This changes the traditional way of activities and stimulates the enthusiasm of independent participation of young people.The Youth League municipal Committee designed short video scripts welcomed by young groups, and took the initiative to contact outstanding youth representatives for shooting.After the previous video playback, caused many youth concern, continues to attract hot search traffic, especially at the beginning of video to let the photographer used when introduce yourself, reflects the inclusion of foshan city and to attract young people, for the construction of foshan fu can “youth development-oriented city”, many enterprises and organs of youth contribute actively contact pku,Speak for your organization.In addition, combined with the needs of the city and industry, the recruitment of enterprises to “ease the difficulties”.The Youth League committee focuses on the talent catalogue of Foshan enterprises in short supply, pays attention to play the role of the two new youth league organizations, targeted “enterprise selection”.In both the galanz, overflow in the enterprises of the textile and other well-known large enterprises, also have the frame trace culture, westin football club local characteristic small micro enterprises, such as video character both a line production technicians, r&d managers, there are also new media personnel, professional skill talented person and so on, are widely distributed, JinQueXing strong characteristics,For enterprises to recruit young industrial workers injected a “strong shot”, the participation of enterprises is higher and higher, the efficiency of the two new league organizations is more and more enhanced.At the same time, expand propaganda channels, enhance the effectiveness of work.It is linked with dozens of member units of Foshan New Media Alliance to increase publicity efforts and cover a wider range of people.Launch the industry communication of contributing units and the social circle communication of fellow villagers, peers, relatives and friends, and expand the publicity channels by using large outdoor screens, building advertisements and other carriers.In addition, it also cooperated with the league organizations of major labor sources inside and outside the city to release short propaganda videos in the local league media, striving to form stronger radiation and alleviate the plight of enterprises in recruiting.As of February 15, the Youth League municipal Committee has received more than 100 short video contributions, a total of 31 issues, a total of nearly 200,000 views, hundreds of interactions, reflecting the “I come to introduce my job” activity in the community has received a warm response and widespread attention.In the next step, the Municipal Committee of the Youth League also plans to select ten excellent works and ten excellent representatives from all the videos to serve as spokesmen for foshan recruitment, and broadcast recruitment videos throughout the year to further attract more foreign young talents to work and start businesses in Foshan.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Kate Douglas wiggin