The Bucks’ backcourt is short of talent, the second unit is too stretched, the buyout market is the biggest target is him

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After acquiring Serge Ibaka, the Milwaukee Bucks are expected to continue their search for roster upgrades through the buyout market.Goran Dragic was their target.Dragic was traded to the Spurs at the trade deadline, but the two sides are likely to negotiate a buyout, with the Lakers, Warriors, Nets, Mavericks and Bucks reportedly interested in the 35-year-old veteran.The Bucks are running out of talent in the backcourt.George Hill has missed the past few games with a sore neck, and coach Eric Budenholzer recently said his absence could extend into the upcoming All-Star break.That leaves the Bucks without a qualified backup point guard on the second unit, a challenge for the defending champions.To make matters worse, Pat Connaughton fractured his right metacarpal in last week’s loss to phoenix, and the team announced he would be out indefinitely.Bucks at the trade deadline off the di man chin and Rodney hood, unexpectedly trade deadline, only the past few hours connaughton has suffered a serious injury, the team can suddenly lost four ball players, the hill and connaughton bucks on the bench this season is very important two players, the bucks suddenly in the backcourt talent shortage.With no one available, the Bucks had to start rookie Lyndell Wigginton and second-year player Jordan Nwala in the loss to the SUNS.The Bucks are in desperate need of an experienced ball handler, and getting a player like Dragic on the buyout market would help ease the bucks’ woes.Bobby Portis, who won sixth Man of the year last season, has become a full-time starter due to brook Lopez’s injury, leaving the Bucks without depth on the bench.So far this season, the Bucks’ second unit ranks 29th in points, 29th in assists and 25th in rebounds, and the absence of Connaughton and Hill is bound to make those numbers worse.The Bucks need to add depth to their bench, and Dragic is one of their best candidates.Over the past two years, Dragic has averaged 14.9 points, 3.3 rebounds and 4.8 assists.The former All-Star could provide the second-unit playmaking and offensive firepower that the Bucks have lacked and sorely needed all season, especially with two key players sidelined by injuries.Dragic has not only been great in the regular season the past two years, but his numbers are even better in the playoffs.He has averaged 18.5 points, 3.6 rebounds, 4.1 assists and one steal in 21 playoff games over the past two years for the Miami Heat.With the Bucks looking to defend their title this season, having such an effective player on the bench not only helps in the final stretch of the regular season, but more importantly in the playoffs, where dragic could be a game-changer when it comes to relying on experienced players.Once Dragic is bought out by the Spurs, the Bucks should spare no effort to acquire him.Which team do you think Dragic is most likely to join this season?