Xi ‘an High-tech Zone: Prepare for a rainy day to snow for fast movement to ensure smooth

2022-06-14 0 By

Today is the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, coinciding with the continuous rain and snow cooling weather “online”.In order to effectively remove snow and ice from urban roads and reduce the impact of adverse weather, Xi ‘an High-tech Zone has taken positive and effective measures in advance to cope with and prevent rain, snow and cooling weather quickly in order to ensure the normal travel and traffic safety of the general public.Before the rain, snow and cooling weather, Xi ‘an High-tech Zone has been set up in advance of the city management system snow removal and deicing work headquarters, by its unified deployment, coordination to carry out the city road snow removal and deicing work.At the same time, each town (street), park management office with reference to the composition and responsibilities of the headquarters of the district, responsible for snow removal and ice removal work within the jurisdiction.In addition, Xi ‘an High-tech Zone also formulated a command chart for snow removal and ice removal operations, which clarified the situation of leaders in charge of each town (street), emergency contact person, and material reserve, etc., with a wall chart for operation, easy to see and convenient for emergency dispatching.At the same time, in accordance with the requirements for xi ‘an about xi ‘an high-tech zone, and for the first time to the towns (street) issued regarding this winter spring snow de-icing work related notice, require towns (street), combining the reality of its own jurisdiction, formulate their respective snow de-icing work plan, prepare for supplies, equipment, and information submitted in advance, such as sweep snow de-icing mobilization work, solid snow de-icing.After the rain, snow and temperature drop, Xi ‘an High-tech Zone acted quickly according to the relevant plan, put the snow melt agent at the relevant intersection in advance, and timely sprinkled the snow melt agent at the 17 Bridges and overpasses in the region according to the snow situation.At the same time, the arrangement of snow trucks and other machinery on standby, ready to take part in the snow deicing work.Up to now, Xi ‘an High-tech Zone has reserved 2,700 tons of snow melt agent, 3,300 shovels, 3,200 snow shovels, 2,000 meters of anti-skid pads, 4,500 big swears, 46 medium and large snow removal vehicles, 34 small multi-purpose snow removal vehicles, 13 loaders and 40 snow clearing vehicles. More than 4,000 snow removal personnel have been mobilized to quickly carry out snow removal and deicing work.Effectively the rain and snow to reduce the adverse impact of the weather to the minimum.Editor: Fan Jing, Ma Ning