1-2 to 3-2, the Japanese men’s single seedling burst, strong into the final four, a roar of celebration

2022-06-15 0 By

WTT Singapore Grand Slam, men’s singles quarterfinal, Germany’s qiu Party against Japan’s Yuya Uta, finally, Yuya Uta burst, 1-2 after winning two sets, 3-2 defeat Qiu Party, strong into the quarterfinals, he also shouted a celebration after the match, too strong.Qiu Party has very strong strength, the small ball technique is very delicate, the forehand attack strength is not weak, relatively comprehensive, ranked 41st in the world, last round, he defeated Karlberg 3-1, smoothly advanced to the men’s singles quarterfinals;Yuya Uta is the only Japanese player in the men’s singles, ranked 49th in the world, and produced a stunning performance to beat South Korea’s Lim Jong-hoon in the last round.Qiu is 3-0 and has yet to lose. The winner of the match will play the winner of the next round between Fan zhendong and Francesca.The first game, the qiu Party 2-0 start, Uta yuya with 3 points, then 5-3 lead, The Qiu Party with 2 points levelled, Uta Yuya back 2 points, the two score all the way tight, always failed to open.Uta yukiya 10-8 to get the point, qiu Party 3 points in a row back, Uta Yukiya 11-11 level, The party and two points, 13-11 thrilling first next city.In the second, Yuya Uta took a 3-0 lead and Chiu dang equalized with three consecutive points.Uta yuya scored 3 points in a row, qiu Party to catch up to 6-7, Uta Yuya continued to power 10-7 with out points, smooth 11-7 win, big score 1-1 level.The third set, Uta is still a strong 3-0 start, Qiu Party is a wave of 5-0 back, two consecutive shots held Uta yuya points, 5-5 and even.Qiu party at the end of the game, 10-7 to get the game point, Uta Yuya even chasing 2 points, Qiu Party request suspension.Qiu managed to pull off an 11-9 win after a timeout and lead 2-1 again.In the fourth set, Qiu dang 2-0, Yuya Uta 2-2, 6-3, and 10-5 consecutive set points, 11-5 easily, the two of them into the tiebreaker 2-2.In the fifth, Uta got off to a 6-1 dream start and Khoo rallied to 4-7.After the suspension, Uta yuya also all the way down, 11-6 won smoothly, big score 3-2 reverse promotion.