After Japan surrendered, 400 Japanese female nurses killed 150 soldiers of our army in the night. What happened?

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The first day of the Chinese New Year in 1946 was an extraordinary day for China after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War.Northeast 400 Japanese nurses in a hospital collective rebellion, use all kinds of cruel means, kill the eighth route Army wounded and wounded soldiers in the hospital, save the dying and heal the wounded “angel” incarnation “devil”, scalpel has also become a weapon of murder.Meanwhile, a riot outside the hospital began.This riot is the tonghua riot in history, also known as the two three Riot.So what was the riot like?Why did 400 Japanese nurses kill our soldiers?The riot took place at the City Red Cross Hospital in Tonghua, Jilin Province, which was originally a Hospital for the Kwantung Army. More than 400 medical staff were officers and soldiers of the Kwantung Army.After the Japanese surrender, they were given preferential treatment and allowed to continue working in the hospital, taking care of our wounded eighth Route Army soldiers.Right now is the Spring Festival, everything is so peaceful, but who also did not think of, this seemingly calm hospital, someone is secretly lurking, brewing riots.February 3, 1946 at 3 o ‘clock in the morning, 400 medical staff began their plan, into the hospital female spy Kono male wave spearhead, alone with a medicine plate to take medicine in the name of a ward to the soldiers to feed poison.Ward 7 battalion commander Li Tongxian found soldiers Li Xiaoli take medicine after foaming at the mouth, pale has stopped breathing, it found wrong, and ready to fight at any time.At this point, Kono wave has disappeared, killing the action has been launched.With three whistles, under the leadership of the director Shibata, more than 400 doctors and nurses, began to kill the eighth Route Army of the whole hospital.They carried scalpels and shears, even fruit knives.Among them, the head nurse Yue Son, a spring and others the most ferocious, yue son brutal scalpel to a soldier’s aorta, listening to the warrior’s howl, and hard to fill a knife;Nineteen years old spring, blood splattered face, mercilessly to monitor Huang Yushan, stabbed his throat.At this point, Lee realized that the attack was an assassination or revenge, but decided to investigate first because he did not know exactly what was going on.He took out secretly hidden pistol out of the ward, secretly followed yue Son and others, see yue Son ready to assassinate the wounded, immediately shot yue Son with a gun.At the same time, the wounded man got up and threw a punch to knock Chun down.They asked Chun, “Why did you kill us?”Spring helplessly said: “3 when the whole city riot, we were ordered, or we will be beheaded.”In more than 40 minutes, 153 wounded and sick eighth Route Army soldiers died tragically under the scalpel of these nurses.The sickroom was full of corpses and red blood. It was horrible to see.In this way, the hospital was overturned overnight, turned into a blood pool, blood everywhere.It is shocking and infuriating to see 400 doctors and nurses abandon professional ethics and break the bottom line of humanity for the sake of selfish desires.And it’s a testament to how horrible and dehumanizing war can be.The doctors and nurses of the uprising not only killed the wounded of the eighth Route Army in the hospital, but also attacked the staff of the eighth Route Army stationed in the hospital, that is, the local Korean volunteers, and the Korean volunteers resisted tenaciously.Among them, Zheng Tongxi monitor and High Yingxi company commander led the soldiers to fight bravely, communication staff Wang Zhenfu made a great sacrifice.As the rioters frantically attacked, gunfire and shouts woke Jeong Dong-seok, leader of the South Manchurian Detachment of the North Korean militia, who grabbed his bayonet and gun and hid in the doorway.Two to the dormitory attack of the Japanese agile pick dead.Subsequently, together with the correspondent Wang Zhenfu will stop the Japanese outside the dormitory.A part of the Japanese army to break through the encirclement of the eighth Route Army staff rushed to Zheng Tongxi is a battle.Wang Zhenfu was caught by the Japanese desperately resist, always do not reveal a message, finally killed by the Japanese.Two Japanese troops suddenly attacked the Korean militia, the form of high tension.At this time, The Korean volunteer army commander Ko Yeong-seok, leading the army rushed to the hospital.The Japanese immediately adjust the muzzle, shooting rushed to the hospital of the volunteers.Commander Gao issued urgent instructions: “Spread out, lie down and shoot.”The soldiers were ordered to drop to the ground, quickly firing at the enemy and throwing grenades at the same time.The Japanese did not expect the firepower of the militia so full, began to panic up, finally unable to escape into the hospital.More than 100 Korean volunteers rushed to the hospital, and the soldiers wiped out the last stubborn Japanese who were still trying to resist.After a struggle, the hospital was taken by the militia.Hospital up and down everywhere can see the Japanese bodies, a part of the Japanese were captured, a lot of rioters and nurses were shot dead, female spy Kono Xiongbo also died in hand grenades.Deputy director Shibata and a number of riot medical staff a look at the situation is wrong, fled hurriedly.Finally, shibata and other Japanese medical staff fled after evil in the hospital, were captured by the eighth Route Army and tonghua people at more than eight in the morning the next day.At this point, the hospital was successfully rescued, injured volunteers were also rescued in time, more than 400 “devil” medical workers were finally all arrested.When nurses in the hospital attacked wounded soldiers, other parts of tonghua were attacked as well.The rioters took up sticks and knives and other weapons, Shouting to attack the administrative building, tonghua detachment headquarters, Tonghua city government, Tonghua city public Security Bureau and the airport and other important targets.They attempted to wipe out the Communist party and the Democratic coalition and recapture and occupy Tonghua.Behind this soul-stirring riot, in fact, is a well-planned reaction.A few months before the uprising, Sun Gengyao, the chairman of the Kuomintang Party headquarters in Tonghua county, discussed with Tomihiko Fujita, the commander of the Tonghua forward Area, how to completely occupy Tonghua by launching a riot.Sun Gengyao promised to Fujita, such as the occupation of tonghua, the Kuomintang to control the politics of the east road area, The Japanese can independently develop economic construction, Fujita said willing to cooperate.Later, the “Gukil-special assassination team” was established.The assassins held nine secret meetings and drew up a general plan of action, relying on the Kuomintang and using the Japanese.But also secretly agreed in advance four conditions for the armed rebellion: guarantee that the Japanese do not return home;Keeping Japanese out of work;The Japanese became Taiwanese citizens;Establish a Sino-Japanese Joint government.Sun Gengyao was in charge of government affairs and Fujita Subhiko was in charge of military affairs.The KMT flag and the Japanese flag were flown together.In this way, the preparation of the riot is done, the plan of the whole team to Sun Gengyao, Fujita Shihiko headed.In making battle plans, the strategy of getting in and getting out is the first one they adopt.At the same time, through coercion and inducement, many communist party internal staff to turn, inside and outside, to serve as their inside agent.As many as 12,000 Japanese troops were gathered to contact the remnants of the Japanese army scattered in the mountainous areas around Tonghua city.They were going to sneak in ahead of time to take control of the power plant so that the lights would go on and off to signal a riot.Assassinate the group to send female spy disguised as a patient, cooperate to kill the eighth route Army hospital staff and the sick and wounded, namely 400 Japanese nurses collective rebellion, attack the hospital plan.Finally, considering the various forces, the riot time was determined at 4 o ‘clock in the morning of February 3.The riot troops of the city attacked en masse in all directions.Treachery of the Japanese prisoners of war, I think the Japanese comeback victory of the war of resistance against Japan, after Japan declared unconditional surrender, the tonghua city has nearly 600 surrender of the Japanese kwantung army, more than 16000 Japanese immigrant residents, tonghua total population of more than 140000 at the time, these people up comes the tonghua city ten a fraction of the population.There are still some Japanese troops who did not surrender, scattered in the mountains around the city of Tonghua.Whether in the city or in the mountains, There were Japanese agents organizing plots.Deep in the mountains of Laojunling, Tonghua, there is a remnant of more than 3,000 Japanese soldiers.They secretly hide in the mountains, waiting for an opportunity, but also waiting for a person – – the Japanese remnants of the former chief of staff – Fujita Shihiko.He led his army to capture the city of Nanjing and achieved great achievements.After receiving the Japanese surrender notice, saw the situation was not good, they fled overnight.Finally, they waited for an opportunity, Fujita Shihiko was appointed commander of the tonghua forward area, responsible for collecting the Remnants of the Japanese army in tonghua and sporadic did not surrender the Japanese army, united kuomintang army, against the Communist army.At the same time, because Fujita Shihiko had for Japan’s outstanding military achievements, so in the city of Tonghua surrender of the Japanese army and stranded residents in the very appeal and prestige, the Japanese people believe and look forward to a comeback.With hope, Fujita Shihiko tried to do everything possible to make a riot plan, is worried about no one to cooperate, the Kuomintang Tonghua county party secretary Sun Gengyao was arranged with Fujita Shihiko cooperation, Fujita overjoyed, thinking about their own strength.In the military and civilian prestige, more than 3000 Japanese remnants, plus some Japanese pilots and tank operators, and the Kuomintang can join hands, everything is ready, only the east wind.So they began to plan a riot.Riots news be miserably, armed uprising was calm at 4 in the morning, jiang puppet army troops launched an uprising against the tonghua, in an attempt to destroy the communist party, to occupy the tonghua, rattan Tian Shiyan wouldn’t dream of, their plans had been leaked, in more than 10 hours before the communist party of China (the eighth route army had learned their march plan, and make a plan of emergency.The Japanese operation thanks to the Liaodong Military region of Shen Diankai.Before the riot began, the Japanese army had to turn Shen Diankai, to him by coercion, but Shen Diankai’s position is firm, he pretended to be persuaded by traitors.Take this opportunity, Shen Diankai infiltrated the enemy, detect the riot plan, master the intelligence.He immediately expressed his willingness to join the Japanese army in the uprising, and willing to provide weapons within his power.He excuses to go back to get guns and ammunition, to get rid of the Japanese control, and quickly reported to the superior Japanese plan.When the superiors received the report, they promptly held a private meeting.As the enemy was strong and weak in this battle, and the time was urgent, so immediately dispatched reinforcements, while preempting the enemy immediately launched a “decapitation action”.Before the riot began, tonghua detachment raided the general headquarters of the rioters, caught Sun Gengyao and others.They told us the whole plan of the riot.Three hours before the riot, Sun Gengyao and others were executed, leaving the rioters leaderless and immediately in a panic.Although Sun Gengyao had been executed, the enemy’s command structure and organizational system had not been completely destroyed.When the riot took place, the rioters’ force was still very strong. The Armed soldiers of the Communist Party only had more than 500 people, stubbornly resisting dozens of times the rioters. The battle was once very difficult, and even launched hand-to-hand combat.Thanks to the timely arrival of the North Korean volunteers and other troops, the situation was reversed.Later in the battle, the Japanese Kwantung Army was short of pistols and rifles, which were no match for communist machine guns.Although the Korean volunteer army is not famous in history, its contribution is very prominent.They were made up of many patriots in Korea, who fled to China after the Japanese occupation of Korea and formed the Korean Volunteers.Is the earliest North Korean anti-japanese armed pass, it is because they can arrive at the first time to help, tonghua riots can be calmed in time.In this battle, they fought bravely and without fear of sacrifice. They attacked the enemy fiercely behind them, making them caught in the crossfire from front to back and finally routed.At last the loud shouts died away, and only the wailing of pain lingered in my ears.Strange is, when the Japanese in the battlefield desperately fighting, there was no kuomintang thugs present, they did not want to participate in the fight, just want to reap the benefits, see the Japanese defeat, early on the slip away.The riot lasted just over two hours before it was quelled and Fujita escaped again, was arrested and eventually confessed to his crimes.At this point the absurd armed riot was finally put to rest.After the end of the riot, Fujita Shihiko was two soldiers with bayonets against the escort on the exhibition stand, he confessed: “I am a Japanese warlord, fascist, so provoke this riot, resulting in a lot of Japanese innocent casualties, tonghua you are going to hate my guts?The people of Tonghua who were watching called him names, threw things at him and spat at him. Whenever a Japanese passed by, he would bend over deeply and say, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”Fujita Shihiko past majesties have long disappeared, replaced by a low head.Conclusion After this riot, Tonghua city was finally peaceful, the hospital also restored calm, Tonghua not only became the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army founded changbai Mountain base heroic city, but also became the northeast liberation War and the victory of the national liberation War reliable rear.At some point the battle will stop, justice will prevail, and war will consume those who start it.Both the 400 Japanese nurses and Fujita were finally punished.Today, we can understand the experience of our ancestors in defending our country through words and pictures. Although we grew up in peaceful times, we should always keep a brave and awe-inspiring heart.Reference [1] Su Peimin. 1946: tonghua ping suddenly and violently [J]. Journal of folk legend volume (A), 2021 (8) : 30 and 31. 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