Stop trying to force yourself, you are the one behind the actor

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If you look closely, almost all of life’s disappointments are caused by your inability to accept who you are right now, which includes thoughts in your body and mind, memories of the past, and worries about the future.If you accept who you are in this moment, whether it’s the emotional reactions in your body or the thoughts floating in your head, you’ll have less of a problem and you’ll be able to calm down.Actually, you have no reason to have to push themselves to achieve the expectations of others eyes, or do you think of the height of a kind of ideal, because you think not what do you think, and a result is not because you think you can touch to the so simple, this is my thoughts fly cage, if you’ve been obsessed with this, you’ll always get the real freedom.You have to be an observer, you have to be an experiencer, you have to use the body to dissolve the emotional responses as much as you can. There are no absolute requirements or standards.We come to the world, but is a traveler, is a thirty thousand days journey, we are just an actor at the moment, what sour, sweet, bitter, hot, what oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, are not a kind of experience, we do not have to fight with it, with it, and entanglement.We can let ourselves take the mentality of an actor, to face these trifles, it is easy to break out of the cage of thoughts, relatively free.Those thoughts that come and go, it is only a picture, it is not as pleasant and free as your concentration on the task at hand, or your gaze on a forest.What you are experiencing, at the moment you’re chopping vegetables, you’re lying down, you go shopping, cut vegetables just focus on cutting vegetables, lying just comfortably lying down, then a happy shopping, shopping those thoughts didn’t any relationship with you, how how you swing it love, you don’t agree with it pay attention to it, treat it as a picture across, it won’t affect you.There is no external force in us, because the mind flying thoughts, the free and stable heart with lost.Once the heart is lost, it will produce a variety of complex sad emotions, so that the whole person looks very lack of vitality and energy.At this time, people often unconsciously complain abreact, and all kinds of existence resist to throw curse, live into a shadow they do not know.No matter how life changes, you should accept yourself.There is acceptance of self, both in the capricious body and in the capricious mind.Everything is impermanence, there is no such thing as constancy, and you have to recognize that.You are not the world, you are not the body that sees the world, you are only the free being outside of both, you are the being of all this, you happen naturally, you change naturally.No matter what is happening at the moment, or what is going to happen in the next moment, you stop identifying with your thoughts and focus on something in the present moment. For example, if you are riding a bike, you should ride it well, and that’s what you should do.Remember, you are the one behind the actor, not the actor doing it.You’re just experiencing the whole fantasy world through this body.