Sun Hyatt: It is my duty to be a Chinese doctor

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Sun Kaiyue, female, born on November 28, 1996, is a nurse in the emergency department of Wanquan District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, responsible for nucleic acid collection in Building B of Mountain Technical officer Hotel.Sun Kaiyue just got the marriage certificate and was preparing for the wedding when she was sent to the mountain technical officer B hotel in Chongli district to participate in the task of medical security.But with the encouragement and support of her family and husband, she decided to postpone marriage and joined the security team without hesitation.To contribute to the Olympic Games, add luster to my hometown and win honor for my motherland, I feel the deepest pride and honor.Before the departure, the family said the most is a heavy responsibility, hard work, safe return.After arriving in Chongli, we will cooperate with doctors to take care of Chinese and foreign guests within 24 hours.When there are close contacts, Comrade Sun Kaiyue visits to collect nucleic acid twice every morning and evening for a week.When nucleic acid tests are positive, nasopharyngeal swabs need to be taken for reexamination. If the retest is still positive, patients need to be transported, often working overnight in a second-level protected and closed environment.In order to facilitate communication with foreign guests, Sun Kaiyue took the initiative to learn common English.With her courage and professional knowledge, she successfully completed nucleic acid collection of positive patients for many times.On New Year’s Eve, everyone was immersed in the joy of gathering together. Sun Kaiyue still kept working, collecting nucleic acid for many positive guests and did not eat until 10 PM.As a front-line worker facing COVID-19 patients, she earnestly performed her duties and completed nucleic acid testing and transport guarantee tasks in a serious and efficient manner. She was highly praised by patients and the leaders of the guarantee group and kept the door of the “Safe Olympic Games” well closed and guarded.Two weeks after I arrived in Chongli district, I learned from my husband that my father was hospitalized and recovering from surgery.When Sun Kaiyue will call the hands of parents, the mother still did not forget to tell her that you do not have to worry about things at home, ease of work, take good care of yourself.With the understanding of her parents and the support of her husband, Sun Kaiyue works hard with firm faith.Sun Kaiyue actively participated in the store support group handling materials, sentinel duty and other work, where needed, where to go.In their own post conscientious, conscientious, ordinary post shows an extraordinary side, showing the courage of a medical staff dedication.