The German captain once again praised the organizers of the Beijing Winter Olympics and refuted the absurd remarks of critics

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Preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics have come to an end.The Beijing Winter Olympics will be held with the world’s attention on them.The preparations have been arduous, but all the effort has been worth it for the Beijing Organizers to deliver the greatest Winter Olympics ever.As the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is approaching, athletes from some participating countries have arrived in Beijing to prepare for the upcoming games.As BoCOG, it is very important to do the logistics work well.It has been reported that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games follows a high standard in terms of service hardware.The athletes’ beds are unprecedented in the Olympic village.After arriving in Beijing and sleeping in the Olympic Village bed, American bobsledder Summer Britcher couldn’t wait to share with the world that the beds in Beijing’s Winter Olympics village are the best in the world.From the media exposure of the Beijing Olympic Village bed, science and technology is indeed full of gold.The bed, which athletes can adjust with a remote control, instantly beat the cardboard bed at last summer’s Tokyo Olympics.It’s not just the beds at the Beijing Winter Olympics that have been praised by foreign athletes.The bed is just a microcosm of the sincere service of the Beijing Winter Olympics.At present, the German ice hockey team has also settled in the Olympic village in Beijing.Captain Moritz Muller has been outspoken in his support for the Beijing Winter Olympics.For some of the western conspiracy theory of some clowns distortion of the facts, belittle the Beijing Winter Olympics wrong remarks refuted.Moritzmuller also told the world with his own experience that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games have done a flawless job in venue construction, service organization and epidemic prevention and control.”Everyone has high expectations for China to host the Winter Olympics,” he said. “Beijing, China, is absolutely the right and successful decision to host the Winter Olympics without any problems.”It can be said that so far, the personal feelings of the German ice hockey team headed by Moritz Muller living in the Olympic Village also represents the views of most athletes in the Olympic Village.Therefore, some western media before the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in the slander of the remarks have been refuted.I believe that with the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, there will be more Olympic athletes around the world will fall in love with China!Love Beijing Winter Olympics!!