Xiangtan Changan F70 limited promotion, the highest discount of 0.3 million yuan

2022-06-15 0 By

The work is not satisfactory, the trouble of life, it is time to change a car to change the mood, the recent Xiangtan Runjin Changan store April 04 – April 04, the highest discount 2.61%,We look forward to your visit and promotion time from April 4, 2022Xiangtan price 2.5T diesel manual two-drive excellent version long shaft JE4D25Q6A114,900 yuan 0.300 yuan 119,900 yuan 2.5T diesel manual four-drive excellent version long shaft JE4D25Q6A127,900 yuan 0.3024T gasoline automatic four-wheel drive superior edition standard shaft 4K22D4T124,900 yuan 0.300 yuan 121,900 yuan 2.4T gasoline automatic four-wheel drive beyond version standard shaft 4K22D4T136,900 yuan 0.300 yuan 133,900 yuan