Emei City city education bureau to luo Mu town small canteen work inspection

2022-06-16 0 By

In order to promote the school to do fine, solid, do a good job in the canteen work, to ensure the safety of food and campus stability, on March 16, Emei City education bureau security staff Luo Ensen and three people, in-depth inspection of the canteen work in luomu town.Inspection team through to see the scene, listen to the report, information and other forms of luo Mu town small canteen work carried out a comprehensive inspection.Inspection group a line of school canteen work to give affirmation, but also put forward higher requirements and feasible suggestions.The inspection will further promote the school to improve the level of canteen management, put an end to food safety accidents in the campus, to ensure campus safety.(Both text and text are from Luomu Town Primary School)