Gu Wants to “set an example”

2022-06-16 0 By

Chinese freestyle skier Gu Ailing, born in California, is one of the stars of the Beijing Winter Olympics.She advanced to the final of the women’s freestyle ski platform qualification competition held on July 7.Gu, 18, has attracted the attention of Chinese people since becoming a Chinese citizen in 2019, the report said.In the qualifying round on July 7, she dropped her skis on the second jump and made a mistake.When the low score of 24.5 was announced, she scowled gently, then shrugged and smiled.However, as Gu scored 89 points on her first jump and 72.25 points on her third jump, her second jump did not prevent her from qualifying for the final as the fifth place, the report said.When Gu calmly completed her third jump on the Shougang platform, she shouted and made a heart shape with her arms to the cheering crowd, the report noted.Gu admits to feeling the fervour of China’s 1.4 billion people.”I knew people were looking at me and it put pressure on me,” she said.I’m happy that I was able to stand up to the pressure and perform and it proves that the lot of mental work I’ve been doing is working.”She said the wind ‘changed’ between the first and second jumps, so the instructor adjusted and there was no mistake on the third.Gu hopes to inspire a generation of Female freestyle skiers in China, and not only that, she hopes to set an example in other ways as well, even though she is only a young person herself, the report said.”It means a lot,” she said.But no matter how young you are, you can make an impact.I really don’t think you have to be old to have some kind of global impact.”