LCK’s most embarrassing birth of all sub-class, no runner-up will be allowed to join?

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As SKT defeated GEN.G team, players were surprised to find that GEN.G team was full of tragic colors. The number of runners-up in the whole team was as high as 37, among which the player who won the most won as much as 11.Take a look at their dramatic and tragic pasts. Doran (3)The player with the least runner-up in the team is Dolan, who has only won the league runner-up. Compared with other teammates, his sadness is not heavy. Although he has professional experience in strong teams, but his strength is very unstable, although occasionally highlighted, but the majority of illness, so it is expected to win several runners-up.Chovy (5) :Chovy compared to the above dolan, or very let a person feeling, after all, he made his debut in such a short time, has 6 second take in your hand, if in accordance with such efficiency, big probability can be born more than flowers, and his personal ability is very outstanding, but because of its special brother like to play lol so in the peak period of his teammates drag on for a long time,As a result, he has always been far from the championship.And in this finals, he got another embarrassing record, that is, since his debut, he has never beaten Faker in BO5, known as the only talent in LCK, he has never been able to surpass the old guard, which is probably his biggest regret at present.In fact, the data of Ruler is relatively normal. He doesn’t have so many runners-up. Besides, he has a long debut time.He has a career full of runners-up, including league, Intercontinental, MSI, Worlds, Kespa Cup and Asian Games. If meiko wins the Slam, he will win all of them.To get so many runners-up, we have no doubt about his personal strength, after all, if there is no strength can not get so many runners-up.Can only say that the career of xiaosheng luck is not too good, otherwise any chance he may rewrite the runner-up into a champion, but fortunately he is not the whole career without a champion, he also won two LCK champion and a centralized invitational championship, at least not a whole regret.Score (7 runners-up from player career and 1 from coach career) :In addition to the players, the most shocking thing is that even the coach of GEN.G score all hold 8 runners-up, this player known as the Korean factory director sad old captain, won 7 runners-up in his career, just short of MSI and S tournament he completed the big Manya achievement, and this year become the coach of GEN.G he led the team to win a runner-up again,Will the legend’s tragic career continue into coaching?We’ll see.Summary: The above is the introduction of the whole Class of Gen. G brought to you by playing The Coffee Book. Who else do you know who won a lot of runners-up in their career? Welcome to interact with us in the comments section.