Longshui Township, Kaiyang County, promoted the transformation of customs and customs to help revitalize rural areas

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Since the implementation of the “wind control” work, Longshui Township, Kaiyang County has adhered to the cultivation and practice of socialist core values, with the city leading the township, urban and rural co-construction, constantly strengthening the rural ideological and moral construction, focusing on the typical tree selection, cultural benefits to the people, changing customs, voluntary services and other activities, to promote the construction of rural customs civilization in-depth and practical.Typical selection tree simple folk customs.Relying on various kinds of typical selection, we have carried out extensive tree selection activities such as “moral model”, “I Recommend and review: Good People around me”, “Civilized Family” and “Ten-star Civilization”. Through the recommendation of villagers’ groups, the evaluation of the masses and the organization evaluation, we have selected a number of excellent models with outstanding deeds and recognized by the masses.Culture infiltrates tree harmonious village wind.Extensive health science and technology culture “a program under which officials” activities, in order to “our holiday” qingming festival “to follow the party forever” series of mass cultural activities as the carrier, to carry out “the unit” “red light cavalry” of literature and art “antithetical couplet, culture” rural mass cultural activities such as six games, fully meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the broad masses of the villagers.Changing customs tree civilization customs.Set up propaganda boards of socialist core values and bulletin boards of village rules and conventions in prominent places of village groups and along highways, improve the system of red and black lists, and create a strong atmosphere of local culture and civilization.We will revise the Village Regulations and The People’s Covenant, combine the rule of virtue with the rule of law, advocate a green and healthy lifestyle, and foster a new trend of civility and frugality.More than 10,000 copies of publicity materials such as the “Cure the wind” initiative were issued, and more than 100 public welfare advertisements were broadcast to promote the awareness and participation of the peasant masses in changing customs and customs, and to promote the integration of changing customs and customs into the daily life of the people.Volunteerism is a new trend.As an opportunity to create a civilized villages and towns, organized to carry out the “volunteer care action” characteristics of volunteer service activities, party members and cadres full participation, to practice the new era of civilization, station (points) as the position, organize civilization publicity, patriotic health, the convenience and benefit, love gifts topics such as volunteer service activities, 68 times, accurate docking the masses demand,We have worked hard to solve the most practical and specific problems of the greatest concern to the people, thus overcoming the “last mile” of educating, communicating with, caring for and serving the people.(Yang Gang)