MAO Weiming presided over the regular meeting of the provincial government: to study the current economic situation and formulate policies to support the development of industry and service industry

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Mao Weiming chaired a meeting of the provincial government executive meeting to study the current economic situation deployment support industry and service industry development policy, food production and spring farming preparation, production safety, etc. Hunan daily March 28 – (all media reporters Sun Minjian Huang Han) on the afternoon of 28, governor Mao Weiming chaired a meeting of the provincial government executive meeting, the current economic situation,We will make arrangements for work safety, the “thousands of thousands” of industrial development projects, the multiplication of market entities, support the recovery of industrial and service industries, statistics, grain production, and spring ploughing preparations.The conference analyzed and studied the current economic development situation of the whole province.The meeting pointed out that since the beginning of this year, the whole province has adhered to the general principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability, coordinated epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, and the economy has got off to a good start, with the growth rate of major economic indicators such as fixed asset investment, large-scale industrial added value and total retail sales of consumer goods higher than the average level of the previous two years.However, the current economic growth of Our province is still not solid. On the basis of epidemic prevention and control, we need to strengthen economic operation, speed up the construction of key projects, accelerate the consolidation of industrial growth momentum, strike a balance between epidemic prevention and control and economic development, minimize the impact of the epidemic, and ensure a “good start” and “stable opening” in the first quarter.According to the meeting, it is necessary to firmly establish the concept of “putting people first, life first and safety first”, strengthen the investigation and rectification of potential safety risks in civil aviation, comprehensively investigate and rectify major safety risks by drawing on the example of others, and do a good job in flood prevention and disaster relief and forest fire prevention and control. It is also necessary to resolutely prevent major and major accidents.Create a harmonious and stable social environment for the party’s 20th Victory.The meeting heard reports on the progress of the “thousand thousand” project to promote industrial development and the project to multiply market players.The meeting called for accelerating the “thousands of thousands” of industrial development projects to further expand industries, strengthen enterprises, implement projects and improve the ecological environment.We will make it a top priority to implement the project to double the number of market players. We will work to improve the environment, improve quality, improve policies, strengthen coordination, and fulfill our tasks with high quality and high standards.The meeting stressed that the “three pillars and eight priorities” will be the focus and focus of this year’s economic work, and all departments at all levels should firmly shoulder their political responsibilities, make regular arrangements, strengthen supervision, and work together to ensure tangible results.In principle, the meeting adopted several policies of Hunan Province to promote the steady growth of industrial economy and several policies of Hunan Province to promote the recovery and development of some difficult industries in the service sector.Efforts should be made to fully implement the country’s enterprise-friendly policies, strengthen the guarantee of enterprises’ factors of production, and increase policy services to promote steady economic growth, the meeting said.In principle, the meeting adopted opinions on Strengthening Statistical Work in the New Era (submitted for review).The meeting stressed that the quality of statistical data should be firmly grasped, and the authenticity, accuracy, integrity and timeliness of statistical data should be further improved to better serve the high-quality development of the province with high-quality statistical work.The meeting listened to the whole province grain production and spring ploughing preparation work report.The meeting called for strengthening the responsibility of the Party and the government, implementing policies to benefit farmers, strengthening the construction of facility agriculture, and ensuring food security through spring farming.[Editor: Zhang Xiao][Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]