The Spring Festival holiday is good, but don’t stay up too late

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During the Spring Festival holiday, have you arranged dinner, dating, visiting relatives, shopping, traveling, watching TV dramas, playing games, singing karaoke, homecoming, watching movies…Such a rich entertainment activities, is really let people accidentally want to high three days and three nights ~~ stop!!Although the Spring Festival holiday is good, do not stay up too late oh ~ stay up late harm to know that the latest survey shows that lack of sleep, in addition to affecting the intestines and stomach, weaken immunity, causing anxiety and depression, skin deterioration, etc., but also let you – become stupid!A dull boy!!!!!Be stupid!!So, friends, don’t stay up late at night. The cost of staying up late as you age, if not for your beauty sleep, then for your smart head.The answer is: Is staying up late when you can’t?Our normal sleep quality mainly depends on the regular body clock and adequate sleep time to ensure.Is staying up late if you don’t get 8 hours of sleep?Scientists have found that a distinctive gene called DEC2 (the Thatcher gene) is responsible for some people who feel energetic on four or five hours of sleep a night.Very few of us have this gene so not getting eight hours of sleep doesn’t necessarily mean you’re staying up late as long as you wake up feeling refreshed. So what does that mean?If continuous less sleep every day, or for 48 hours without sleep that two kinds of even stay up late to stay up late can lead to decreased brain cognitive function simply makes jack a dull boy but chronic lack of sleep than acute stayed up all night is more serious long-term stay up late the biggest harm “sudden death” short-term occasionally stay up late at night you will be depressed, nervous breakdown caused by lack of sleep, memory deterioration, capacityEasy to gain weight, etc……Can you stay up as late as you want?It seems we can stay up as late as we want as long as we get enough sleep and have a regular schedule, but staying up late can never be healthy!Draw key point: late sleep + late rise = double kill Yang qi!We usually the concept of natural late late sleep to nature to wake, in fact, it is wrong to indulge inhibits the sun be the spirit in the daytime germinal people will increasingly heavy and result in a sleep quality worse and worse so even regularly to stay up late and get up late also can affect the health of the body to grow suggested that early to bed and early to rise body good manuscript source: apple zouping this editor: LiuSiYu editor: ZhaiXiao if statement:This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: