The US may launch two “wars” if its national debt exceeds $30 trillion. China and Russia should not underestimate their enemies

2022-06-16 0 By

On February 1, the US Treasury Department announced a jaw-dropping statistic: The TOTAL US national debt has reached a historic high of $30 trillion, exceeding THE US GDP by $7 trillion in 2021 and China’s GDP by $12.3 trillion.The other day, the US President boasted that the US economy would grow 5.7 per cent in 2021, “outpacing” China for the first time in 20 years.However, both in terms of economic growth rate and actual economic increment, the United States is far behind China. Biden’s boast is really big!Now we know that not only did Biden brag, but the U.S. economy in 2021 is also heavily in the water.Since taking office one year ago, the Biden administration has adopted a massive fiscal and monetary stimulus policy to revive the economy and get rid of the recession caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, namely, printing a large amount of money and issuing additional U.S. dollars and Treasury bonds to cushion the domestic economic recession.In other words, Biden’s 5.7% GDP growth rate is not only higher than the negative growth rate in 2020, but in terms of the national debt, the US will be borrowing money in 2021!At least half of its economic growth rate in 2021 will be water!Biden’s boast that economic growth surpassed China’s last year shows how anxious Washington politicians are.Now the US is really at its wit’s end and conventional means (printing money) can’t fix the hole in the US economy.In the past, based on its global hegemony, the United States could basically complete a new round of “leek cutting” of the world as long as it issued more bonds.Not anymore, for two main reasons.The first is the rise of China, challenging US hegemony in every sector of every industry.The second is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has exposed the weakness of the HARD power of the US economy.How to do?For the United States, when faced with an economic crisis that could not be solved in the past, they often chose to launch a war to divert domestic pressure, which not only allowed a large amount of capital to flow back to the United States due to the risk aversion, but also made the United States a lot of war money.Now the US is ready for “war”, this time against China and Russia.On February 1, the same day the Commerce Department released the data, Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Rolando Bianchi claimed that China had not fulfilled its goals set out in the first phase of the trade agreement.The US may hold China accountable by imposing tariffs on China and continuing the trade war.It is learnt that the first phase of the trade agreement between China and the US will expire at the end of 2021. Recently, China and the US have been unable to reach an agreement on whether to negotiate the second phase of the trade agreement.The US side has repeatedly claimed that China has only achieved 60% of its target and still needs to buy us $80 billion worth of US goods.In response, the Chinese Embassy in Washington said in a statement that Despite the global economic downturn and supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, China is still working to implement the first phase of the trade agreement with the United States.China urges the US side to create a favorable atmosphere and conditions for expanding trade with China.What does that mean?This shows that the United States did not fully cooperate with China’s purchase of more American goods, but rather obstructed it, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible to achieve the goal.In other words, the US side is also responsible for this.But the United States clearly won’t understand, after Mr. Biden vowed to extract significant trade concessions from China.It is easy to see that the US is ready to continue its trade war with China. If it wants to rob China again, China cannot take it lightly.In addition to the Chinese side, the US is also preparing for a “war” on the Russian side.Unlike China, the US knows that a military conflict with China would not give it any advantage, so it chooses to pick fights in the economic and trade field.With Russia, the United States is even less willing to engage in direct conflict, so Washington’s plan is to stage a russia-Ukraine war.Recently, the Russian and Ukrainian leaders have made it clear that they do not want a war, the United States still requested the Security Council to convene a meeting on Ukraine, claiming that Russia will “invade” Ukraine in February.The move is a clear attempt to add fuel to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.In a complex situation, the border between Russia and Ukraine could indeed go awry.In response, President Putin warned on February 1 local time that the United States is creating a war, using Ukraine to contain Russia and trying to induce Russia to join the war.President Putin reiterated that Russia wants to avoid an escalation of the situation and warned NATO about the risk of war if Ukraine becomes a NATO member.It is not hard to see that the sophisticated President Putin knows exactly what card the United States is playing. When he spoke out on the Russia-Ukraine situation for the first time, he burst the mask of hypocrisy of the United States.With its national debt exceeding $30 trillion, the United States, led by its politicians in Washington, has reached the brink of a precipice. Should it pull back from the precipice or let the flames of war burn on China and Russia?Obviously, it’s the latter.For China and Russia, the Treasury figures are almost a battle cry.America’s economy would collapse if it did not deflect fiscal pressure on this scale.Next, China and Russia need to be ready to strengthen strategic cooperation. The First year of The Biden administration was so crazy to suppress China and Russia.