The original intention of prose poetry remains the same

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Life course, joys and sorrows.Meet with people and things.Old friends, or strangers, beautiful, sad, far and near, all is well.Time is long, beautiful meet, amazing fleeting, flash fanghua, beautiful poetry.Cold and warm, spring breeze for sequence, drizzle for postscript, shallow spring, full of vitality, write a beautiful chapter.Time plain pen, one by one painting, smiling eyes, looking for the color of spring, colorful.Willow branch pan green, fragrant grass luxuriant, the wind is soft, apricot flower full branch, peach blossom set each other off red, fragrant China writes time, year after year long meet each other plain pen plain paper, write down the poem of years, drunk the reincarnation of beautiful spring breeze bright moon, swaying past events far away, poetic poetry how many thousand years of waiting.A season of misty rain, misty rain misty, misty like a dream of fluttering, alone, a person of qinghuan, through the faint path, scattered a long lament.The world of reincarnation, coming from a dream, beautiful meet, leisurely heart, heaven and earth long, flowers and trees, the four seasons contain fragrance, warm lights, the world is worth.Full of confusing, rough wind and rain, the original heart is still, water waves sparkling, each other reflect, floating moonlight, moonlight out beautiful flowers.Myriad scenery, prosperous fall, a paper love long, high mountains and rivers, soul dependent.Flowers such as snow, the moon full court, years of war, want to say rest, may pour a gentle, the solution of the vicissitudes of life between the eyebrows, ups and downs, ups and downs, twists and turns, through thousands of sails, the original heart is still…The original plum lujia, infringement will be prosecuted.(The picture is from the Internet, deleted.)