Villagers in the vegetable garden tomb, although the size of the tomb is very small, but the burial goods are very luxurious

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A villager dug up the soil in his backyard and found an ancient tomb. Although the size of the tomb was very small, there were not many objects buried with it, including 18 gold objects from the royal court.What was in the tomb?Who is the owner of the tomb?Story happened 50 years ago in Beijing the right door, there was an old farmer dug in our own backyard, flip the shovel out the some lime, the old farmer also wondered at the beginning, he decided to dig two shovel, then there is a blue brick build by laying bricks or stones into the wall, the old farmer thought the matter is not simple, oneself also can’t again dug, and then will report the matter to the relevant departments,To the relevant departments of the archeologists, came to his backyard, at first glance they confirmed this is the tomb of the Ming dynasty folk, by brick stone, the experts in this tomb had a lot of interest, because it’s a very humble, brick tomb to see its appearance and size, let people associate to the tomb should be no value, now that you have come, then open the coffin to take a look.Experts as the moment when I open the coffin, the emergence of sight overturned before they guess, inside is all treasures, unexpectedly is out of the palace, baby after cleaning, statistics, there were 18 gold, 18 gold this alone weighs 10 kilograms, now how much money a gram of gold, you should know,What a fortune ten kilos of gold is.First put this 18 gold on one side, because in this chamber, and a more special baby, MuZhuRen bones around with some gold, and his chest a jade cup, let all wrong don’t open the eyes of the archaeological experts present god, this is a white wine glass, experts through careful resolution saw this is made of hotan jade suet,And production process is very delicate, not a patchwork of marks, but it still have two cup side therefore holds in the left and right sides, therefore tightly steak on the rim, and the two therefore has very different places, is a “king” word engraved on his forehead, experts looked at the information about therefore, king inscription found head therefore is also known as therefore the tiger, is the symbol of royalty.Experts were at a loss as to why the size of the tomb was similar to that of a civilian if it belonged to a royal relative.Want to know, in ancient times, as long as the rich of a large house, with or without power, the size of the burial will be much bigger than it is now found the tomb, and in the sight of the chamber size is very difficult to let people think this is the royal family, but if this is the grave of a civilian, how could so much palace treasures, it seems MuZhuRen identity is controversial,Experts are not good at judging whether he is royal relatives or ordinary people, can only continue to look for clues.After that, experts turned their attention to the epitaph of the tomb’s owner. Only when the epitaph was found could the identity of the tomb’s owner be revealed.So archaeologists began a new round of excavations.Although this tomb is not big, but after all, the time is too long, it is not easy to find an epitaph, archaeological experts spent three or four hours to finally have an epitaph revealed, cleaning the soil on the epitaph, above “wan GUI” two words very conspicuous, this is the name of the owner of the tomb.Wan GUI this most people should not know, but his daughter Wan Zhen son many people should have heard of, she is the Ming Emperor Zhu Jiancheng’s favorite concubine, can be said to be the crown palace.And since your childhood, family condition is good, is your personal ability is limited, have been read to earning fame is going from failure to failure, eventually did not even get into a scholar, his father to help him in court for a tight, collectors, is a county county collectors on when he wasn’t very good, two years in office, the people who suffered,He also has no ability to solve the problems of the people, and later, he learned to take bribes, such a corrupt official can get what good end.Soon after, he was sent to the frontier, ranked in when he left, he gave his only daughter Wan Zhen sold by the palace as a handmaiden, and the first in his life, also brought him his daughter, his daughter Wan Zhen later became the emperor of the imperial concubine, and after you became the prince’s maternal uncle, ushered in his own turn.But wan Zhen’s journey to become an imperial consort was not easy either.When she was first sold to the imperial palace, she did hard and dirty work every day. Later, she was assigned to the crown prince, Zhu Jiashen, as a slave. In 1449, Zhu jiashen’s father, Ming Yingzong, was captured in an incident.And this incident also has the detailed record in the history books, is the famous Civil Fort incident.At that time, Zhu Qiyu launched a coup d ‘etat with some key ministers in the court and became the seventh Emperor of the Ming Dynasty. After he became the new emperor, the first thing he did was to shackle the former crown prince.He put Zhu Jianshen imprisoned in the prince’s house, dark, and that a prisoner is eight years, the daughter of your Wan Zhen is among the eight years counter attack, after the prince was imprisoned, left side handmaiden, prince Edward, no one is willing to accompany, only Wan Zhen eight years of waiting on the side of the prince, and prince also produce feelings later.In 1457, was captured in the civil fort incident of emperor Zhu Qi town went back, eight years of humiliation for the return of the generation of hanjiao male, Zhu Qi town planning a door coup, and regained all will belong to his throne, and from the prince’s house Zhu Jianshen eight years have not seen the sun also became a prince, soon, Zhu Qi town died,And Zhu Jianshen naturally have also become a new generation of the emperor, after he began to reign, the first thing is to Wan Zhen marry for his wife, as the imperial concubine of the emperor, may be the reason for hinder Yu Wanzhen family background, no seal for the queen, her daughter became the emperor of the imperial concubine of the emperor, you will no longer was exiled to the frontier, returned to the court, return to a normal life of his wife and son again,He gave birth to a son named Wantong, and it was his son who brought about the second change in Wangui’s fortune.Wantong was a dude, very HaoHeng, but after the death of elder sister Wan Zhen backer is not, to the reign, the emperor’s new given he was died, than in the city also become helpless, can only retire forest, came to such a mundane small mountain village, which is why he was buried here, and so small – scale,He was half a criminal minister himself, and he didn’t have much manpower and material resources. Naturally, he was the same as ordinary people, but because his daughter was the imperial concubine, he must have received a large number of treasures from the palace during his lifetime, and it was reasonable to bury them with these treasures.